Ye-Il International - Ye-Il International Failure to Fulfill Order

Posted on Monday, September 7th, 2009 at 10:29am CDT by 4d59c167

Product: Peal Guitars

Company: Ye-Il International

Seoul, 482-936, KR

URL: /

Category: Other

Ye-Il International, aka Peal Guitar, accepted a pre-paid order from me for guitars in January, 2009. I paid for the order in full on January 22, 2009 via wire transfer in the amount of $1681.90 payable to the account of Ye-Il International.

Under the terms of our agreement, the guitars were to be shipped to me in the United States in early March 2009. Ye-Il International does business as Peal Guitars (, and I dealt directly with the owner, Mr. U.S. Kwon.

As of today (September 7, 2009) I have not received any portion of the order. In addition, Mr. Kwon ceased responding to my communications in July 2009 and refuses to provide any information on what happened and what he plans to do to resolve this matter. The order is now 6 months overdue, and Ye-Il International has chosen to simply ignore it. I have paid for the order in full and have received nothing in return.

The logical conclusion I have reached is that Mr. Kwon and Ye-Il International have not acted in good faith, and instead engaged in fraudulent business practices in order to get me to send funds to them. This appears to be some sort of import / export scam in which the person is posing as a legitimate company, but it is only a facade to illegally obtain money from people. At the very least it is a clear breach of contract and Mr. US Kwon should be held responsible to act in an honorable manner and refund the money I paid for the order of Peal Guitars.

Note: I have complete documentation of the entire transaction including proof of delivery receipts for my attempted communications with the company.


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