Montana's Restaurant in - Very poor restaurant service

Posted on Monday, September 7th, 2009 at 10:41am CDT by b16c9899

Product: Montana's

Company: Montana's Restaurant in

Location: Langley,, BC, CA


Category: Other

1. Soup on menu not available.

2. Server replied "I don't think so." to question about allergy to lemon, if there was lemon in the item. Server checked with the kitchen and returned saying a previous shift prepared it and the present shift didn't know.

3. Rice Pilaf was a little oily.

4. Part of the broccoli had a section that was lighter, suggesting it was going bad. It was replaced.

5. My steak was not hot (I ordered medium-well with the intention it would be hot.). I didn't bother to ask it to be refired.

6. The steak was dry. Possibly, since we waited a considerable time for our dishes, it was waiting too long for pickup.

7. The ribs my wife had were very good.

8. The broccoli we had was very good.

9. The server had a nice personality but failed at critical thinking.

10. My wife was provided two sealed packages of moist towelettes to wipe rib sauce from her fingers, but they had a strong lemon smell. We asked for something else, like a finger bowl without the lemon ingredient, but the server failed to return with it. After about 10 minutes, my wife gave up waiting and went to the washroom to wash her hands. It appears the server forgot. She came to the booth next to us about 3 times in this period with their food.

11. When we chose to leave, the server gave us our bill (apparently unaware of her need to bring a wipe-replacement), and left. I didn't see a note to "pay server", so I went up to what I thought was a "payment station", with a debit card machine. I stood there for a minute or two, with Montana staff passing by and not offering to help--including one woman who was 10 feet away chatting to visitors. In my frustration I went to the reception area, figuring someone would show up there, which happened. They acknowledged that the bill does not say to pay server.

12. To pay, I was given the hand-held card reader (whatever it's called). I couldn't figure out how to enter a tip (I tip as much as an augmentation to a server's pay as for the quality of service.). Apparently I have to go to the level of entering my PIN first, which to me means that I have finished my calculation. That is definitely backwards! The screen should note my bill, offer me a chance to tip, and after seeing a summary of bill + tip, and me clicking OK, I should THEN procede to source of funds and PIN. I'm a pretty smart guy and this confounded me to the point I had to cancel my operation and get help to do it correctly.

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Your arrogance is striking! You just stand around there like a dumbass, EXPECTING for your thoughts to be read, and get offended, when nobody does. Go get a life!

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