Posted on Monday, September 7th, 2009 at 10:44am CDT by be796109

Product: Baggage handling

Company: EASYJET

Location: IT

Category: Other

I left from Venice to Paris with the EasyJet flight 3796; dep. Thu 03 Sep 20:10, when I arrived in Paris I find out that my luggage was sent to London due to a mistake of the EasyJet's employee in labeling it, i.e. the guy at the counter in the Venice Airport. Today it's Monday 7 September - 5:24 PM - and I still do not have my baggage despite it was reported to me that I was supposed to receive it yesterday. Not only I did not have it receive it yet but it' not on the way and I have not even received any assurance that it is in Paris at all and apparently is now in Tolouse. When I call the EasyJet call center the ladies answering most of the time they mainly say "We will try to deliver it to you as soon as poosible and as soon as we have it we will call you." I have important things for my work in there and this mistake and delay is wasting time and money. I will never fly with EasyJet again.


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