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Posted on Monday, September 7th, 2009 at 8:02pm CDT by 4f417467

Company: 7-Eleven

Location: 1201 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19107, US

Category: Other

I purchased an umbrella from this 7-Eleven approximately two weeks ago. I hadn't opened it until last week. A couple of my friends witnessed me opening the umbrella from its package for the first time. We all noticed that the umbrella was broken. Friday September 4, 2009, I went to return the umbrella during the evening and the cashier at the time told me to come back during the day after 9 AM. I returned Monday September 7, 2009 around 3 PM to make my refund. Two cashiers took my umbrella out of its packaging and started speaking to each other in a foreign language in front of me. Then they told me that I can't refund it because it's broken. I told them I unknowingly bought it that way. Then they brought the manager to the front and he proceeded to verbally attack me by indirectly accusing me of lying and indirectly accusing me of breaking the umbrella. He claimed that he didn't believe me because I was the only customer they've ever had try to return an item that was sold broken. He then told me that I had the item for two weeks already and that I shouldn't have waited so long to return it. I assumed the store's refund policy allowed customers up to 30 days to return something. I did not see a refund policy posted anywhere in this store and the manager didn't even bother to tell me what their refund policy was. I continued to constantly request a refund, but he continued to ignore me and interrupt me with his rant on how I'm lying and how I broke the umbrella. At one point, I even told him I have no reason to steal an umbrella. I even bluntly told them that they sold me a broken umbrella and I just want to refund it. The manager started condescendingly telling me how most customers check their items when they buy them instead of waiting "two weeks" to return them. I don't understand how I could have done this because they keep their umbrellas hidden behind the counter and I've yet to visit one store that actually allows customers to open an item out of its packag ing and examine it before buying it. I asked for a refund, but I realized he was very reluctant to refund my money for the broken item that was sold to me; so I settled for an unprofessional exchange. The manager eventually gave me another umbrella and told me to examine it in front of him, and I told him the new one was fine. He then said to not "do that" again or else they won't let me refund (which they still did not), and he started walking away. In every store I've made an exchange with, the cashier rang up my item and gave me a receipt (and possibly had me fill out paperwork in rare occasions). This manager just walked away while I waited for a receipt or some proof of exchange, then another cashier told me that it's done and I could leave. I felt attacked and embarrassed because of the manager having made a scene in public and having treated me so disrespectfully in front of other customers. That was extremely unprofessional for a store employee to have accused a customer of lying and to have knowingly sold broken products to his customers but not even care. He was even more unprofessional by not giving me a receipt or some sort of proof of exchange.

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c458eec9, 2012-04-02, 08:01PM CDT

Sorry, but I agree with the store on this...who waits 2 whole weeks to open an umbrella..you claiming it was sold to you broken sounds fishy to me too..what I think happened was you had a broken umbrella lost the receipt from the original store, so you thought you'd do a switch on this store, deciding it would look suspicious, you decided to hold onto the new umbrella for a few weeks, then try to return the broken umbrella in it's place and hope they kept quiet when you asked for a refund(?) why not ask for an exchange? That would have sounded less suspicious..why a refund? if you had infact bought the umbrella broken and you were still in need of an umbrella an exchange would have made more sense!

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