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Posted on Saturday, September 5th, 2009 at 1:21pm CDT by 6defd781

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I have sold on and have realized that is collecting seller and buyer information in such away that violates federal laws. At first I thought it may have been name association, so I set up a test account a few months ago with a differant name, differant address, different billing information but same computer, but different online connection. Yet somehow they knew That I have had a previous account with them. Furthermore they will say that "We have overwhelming evidance that we will not disclose with you". Now if they we doing something legal it seems to me that they would tell you how they knew. So is a safe place to shop? Is it possable that they are aquiring personal information by illegal entry in to your computer, or by some type of data collecting cookie? After researching this in detail I do believe they are collecting data illegally. I have been in contact with a corperate attourney and am researchin weather their sould be a class action suit filed against


4975cb57, 2009-09-06, 12:10PM CDT

You are an idiot, this is absolutely legal, do you really think that their corporate attorneys wouldn't know if this is illegal?

Robert Allyn L., 2009-09-08, 03:06PM CDT

OOOkay, Not an idiot, at least the one being called. The big corporations take a best guess based on how much $ it will cost if we are wrong approach. By the way they track your acctual computor because thats how scamers operate, difrent addresses, difrent accounts etc but same computer box.

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