Carpet Cleaners - Carpet Cleaning Scam - Tim Pollard, Ed Pero, Charles Cohen

Posted on Saturday, September 5th, 2009 at 11:09pm CDT by 4b79736d

Product: Bait and Switch Carpet Cleaning and Air Duct Cleaning

Company: Carpet Cleaners

Location: US

Category: Home, Garden

Tim Pollard, Ed Pero, and Charles Cohen travel the country (13 known states) establishing startup carpet and/or air duct cleaning businesses that have been deemed illegal bait and switch operations by at least three state's Attorney General. They regularly engage in these tactics by baiting customers with low advertised prices, generally through mass mail or local newspapers, for their carpeting and air duct cleaning services. These ads are easily recognizable by their depiction of a giant dust mite, before and after pictures of air ducts, moisture barriers, and alarming descriptions of mold, mildew and unhealthy air quality.

Once Pollard, Pero,Cohen or their sales agents are in the customer's homes they switch the customer to higher priced services or products.

Under Pollard's, Pero's or Cohen's operation, direction, management, and/or control, their sales agents regularly use intimidation and fear tactics to pressure consumers into paying grossly inflated prices for products and services that may never be performed or delivered. These cleaning services include carpet cleaning, warranties, other cleaning services and treatments, air filters, deodorizers and sanitizers, or other up sales.

Pollard, Pero, or Cohen regularly sell illusionary warranties to customers that are severely limited and fail on their intended purposes and Pollard's, Pero's and Cohen's companies are never around long enough to perform these warranties. When the marketplace begins to become familiar with the bait and switch tactics they attempt to fraudulently sell the business prior to collapse or when the public pressure is too great they simply shut down operations and flee the area owing vendors, customers, etc.

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