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Posted on Friday, September 4th, 2009 at 1:52am CDT by c9807d8a

Product: Sales

Company: MJ Promotion, World Perfume, Perfume Paradise

Location: 1431 Wilkinson St
Shreveport, LA, 71103, US

Category: Other

Posted ads for clerical positions, only to find out after I got there that they wanted us to sell perfume instead.


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9e06b7fe, 2010-04-12, 05:19PM CDT

Posted ads for entry level management postions and when you get there it's to sell perfume and to add insult to injury you work and don't get paid. This Mike Joiner-Lister is a professional coin artist and knows what he can get away with and then the really bad thing about it is that he claims to be a man of God. I really hate to say this but he is going to come in contact with the wrong person and get what is coming to him. He has moved his locations several times and eventually will have to move again. God bless his soul is my Prayer!!!!! Not only will have to answer to people about their paychecks but to the man up above.

9c568bd4, 2010-11-30, 11:07PM CST

You take a chance on going to jail for peddling perfume and never getting paid if you don't want to keep doing this from week to week.

07dae93b, 2011-12-31, 02:34PM CST

Yeah, they have a business here in Bossier City, Louisiana. I feared he was a con artist, so I left on the third day (today). Came home and found this website on him which describes him to a "T". I think he knew I'd figure it out, because out of everyone in the class, he always kept making eye contact with me. Maybe he saw that I wasn't completely buying it. He wanted "honest" people on his team and if we weren't "honest" then we could leave whenever we wanted. He also wanted "motivated" people on his team. He kept doing basically a lot of brain washing to the class, but I guess I was the only one there with a strong mind. Kept pointing out how shy I was too. I guess it's the shy, quiet ones he's afraid of, because tuesday I'm reporting his ass to the BBB. I'm also a christian, and the kind of occult shit I was hearing in there ALSO tipped me off. Anyway, this article written by someone anonymous in 2010 basically says EVERYTHING I was thinking about Mike Joiner-Lister in it. Good thing you left that day... I saw and signed the contract and only trusted my gut AFTER I signed the bitch. But he'll have a HUGE fight on his hands. I didn't receive ANY of his products to sell before I ran out of the office... So if he wants to scam, I'm so freaking ready.


andrenique n., 2013-05-14, 04:11PM CDT

I currently was looking for work, and I found an ad for a new office that has just opened, looking for manangers, receptinist and so on; they were hiring on the spot. We had to interviews to go through the 1st it was very short. the interview was based on my attitude, and personality. so i was accepted for the 2nd, and when i retured they sent me to this back room with other qulified people, they started to tell us how a 9-5 job is a curse and how j0b means just over broke. that we will never propsper with that job. telling us that we need to be enthusiastic for the business. now what mad me start thinking is in the process one of the old workers came in with a lot of money, trying to convince us that his business is not a scam that he is bbb cerified and i came to find out that he was not, he said that we would get paid during our traing which is 8-18 weeks, now in these weeks they would teach us marketing, management, administration ect. "the catch" in order to to this we would be promoted on how much perfume we sale thats right perfume, he wanted us to sale perfume. they wilve you this "perfect pitch" a solgan to say on how to get the custermers,and i asked about the companies that say no soliciting, he said dont wory about that, that only means they want you to come in, thats thier best cusomers. they want you to use your car and say you get $100.00 for using it, so i decided that the business wasnt for me, that he isnt a christain like he claims to be and that his business isnt trustworthy like he claims it to be. I left just yesterday may 13, 2011 he told me i would forfiet my eanred money i worked for he called it a bouns. lol people this is a fake, you could go to jail selling these products out of your car and we dont have licenses to do it. think people leave while you can. I thank God that he showed me the truth before i worked any harder. He complains about a 9-5 but he has us workin the feild more. There also is this the called "satilite" when you go on crew for 3-5days, he says bring $20 room fee, good attitude and your car. i coulded bring me car,but he tried his hardest to get me to. and one more thind on the ad they said to call brianna and when I got there the 2nd day i came to notice that there wasnt anyone there by that name. on another complaint i read on another site said that they change they names. Be Aware everyone. May this message finds you blessed. God bless you all. and i pray that GOd will open the door to the right job that you need. We bind up the strong man according to st. mat. 12:29 we bind up every scam that is trying to get in our atmosphere. In the name of Jesus I pray amen. I Don't have time to share with you al the details, this is just a summery of what i know.

andrenique n., 2013-05-14, 04:12PM CDT

and they are now located on 3011 old minden Rd.

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