IKEA - Failure to deliver Furniture

Posted on Wednesday, September 30th, 2009 at 3:17am CDT by cb2a31cf

Product: Furniture

Company: IKEA

Location: Ekkersrijt 4089
Eindhoven, Li, 5692 DB, NL

URL: http://www.ikea.nl/

Category: Other

I was promised a date to deliver my chosen furniture by IKEA on the 29th of september. Even the invoice says date of delivery is 29.09.09. All this furniture was handpicked by me on the 26th of sept and given to the transport dept. Except for some bigger items which are stored in another warehouse and for this we need to do a booking. I had done this booking and was assured that stock is available. I was assured time and again by the transport dept that the delivery would happen on the 29th. In fact I bought the goods only after asking if they would deliver on the 29th. All my goods and also the transport service are ALREADY fully paid for by me! But on the 29th Sept I got a call from the transport guy that they did not get goods from IKEA. On calling IKEa said they had a stock issue!!! How the hell did that happen? I called them IKEA again and they said now everything was ok and i should take an appointment with the transport company , they gave me a number. WHen I call that number the transport guy says they cannot do anything unless they get the goods from ikea. Again on calling IKEA , the answer I get is that now the delivery is shifted by 1 week but they still havent given me another delivery date. This has caused me so much inconvinience, I had to take a day off work for nothing because goods didnt come. I am obliged to shift to a new house in 2 days which is without any furniture. I am so dissapointed and helpless and dont know how to get the furniture on time. I think in the future its better to go to neighbourhood furniture shops who at least keep their promise and deliver on time.


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