Posted on Tuesday, September 29th, 2009 at 9:41pm CDT by e95033a5

Company: conn's

Location: PO Box 2358

Category: Products, Services

This is my 2nd complaint filed online,since the 1st they have not done any thing about my washer & dryer. The first was filed about two months ago on some other web site. I think it got their attention because the repairs got done, but the repair guy broke the washer door and said he would come back & fix it. He tried the next day but it still didn't work right so he said he would order the part it will take 7 to 10 business days. Well it took three weeks & several phone calls from me to come fix it & to get the part & installed. It turned out that was not the problem so the repair guy told me the same story again. It has been three weeks again & the door will not close at all now so we can't use it. My wife called Thursday Sep 24, 2009 they told her that it was aleady going be done on Monday Sep 28, 2009 it was on schedule. Monday they never showed up or even called to tell us they were on thier way

that is what they usually do. My wife called them to ask why they didn't show up they told her that nobody was home well when they show up like that they leave something hanging on the door. There was nothing. So she ask them why they couldn't just send smoeone they said they were to busy. My wife asked to speak to the manager and she was told the manager was busy on the other line my wife said she would wait but was told she could not be on hold. She was also told that they would show up Wednesday 30, 2009 they didn,t say what time.


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