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Posted on Monday, September 28th, 2009 at 10:01am CDT by Michael J. S.

Product: Wedding DJ

Company: www.Elan-DJ.com, inc.

Location: Address not listed, but they cover Philadelphia, and major cities on the east coast
Philadelphia, PA, 60610, US

URL: http://www.Elan-DJ.com, inc./

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We recently had a wedding at the Hotel DuPont in Wilmington DE. I will stipulate that the DJ arrived on time as obligated.

However, and most importantly, we gave the DJ a list of songs that were to be played. The list was largely 80s based and contained "must plays". Not only was the 80s centered list largely ignored, but our must played music was not followed.

For anyone who has a wedding coming up, the day, including the reception goes by extremely fast, between trying to get a bite of your food in, and meeting and greeting all of your guests. I just didn't have the time to get to the DJ, but I really shouldn't have to, given the amount of money we paid.

When I confronted the DJ after the wedding via email, he at first blamed the wedding planner, then he went on to blame me! He said that "what does it matter, you don't even dance" and "you wedding planner was unprofessional". He questioned my whole complaint.

He went on to say that no refund is warranted, when that was not what we were asking. We were asking for some of the money to be refunded because we were not happy AND HIS COMPANY HAS A STATED GUARANTEE OF SATISFACTION. Other guests had told us "we thought more 80s music was going to be played" etc, because that IS what we we planned on. We were even nagged by this DJ to have all of these songs listed prior to the wedding and he didn't play most of them! He went on to call my new bride 5 times, leaving phone messages, and to refute in about 12 emails a blow by blow retort against anything I had to say. Never saying, "hey, I'm sorry you feel that way, lets make it better."

I would NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES recommend this DJ. We were charged $1800 for what amounted to a monkey playing an itunes song list that he, not we, wanted played. His reaction to situation made things worse, and when you can't accept the fact that people are not satisfied, then don't post a guarantee, but most importantly, don't go into business.

This DJ acts like that US Post Office employee who knows you have no where to go and doesn't care about anything than collecting your money and sending you out the door.


00c93945, 2009-09-28, 02:23PM CDT

This is the owner of the company writing. Bride was the only one of the two with whom we had any contact prior to the event. I have never run into a client like this in my many years in this industry.

No wise business offers a money-back guarantee for satisfaction regarding a subjective service like DJing. Every client could just say they weren't happy after the fact and demand a refund whether or not their event was executed as they requested.

One of our guarantees is to do exactly as client specifies (others are clearly detailed on our website). Bride provided an 11.7 hour-long list of music (a new record for length with our company) and nothing was specified as a must play other than some specific Indian Dance/Bollywood tracks. Bride's own words via email: "I just tried to give you a more extended selection of music to play at your discretion." Never was anything said regarding 80's and their 11.7 hour list was not significantly more 80's heavy than any other style. The only songs played at their event were from their provided list

If anyone is interested I'll be happy to produce their paperwork (identifying info will be removed). I have saved every bit of e-correspondence since these clients locked us via contract.

There was no laying of blame at feet of Planner. Groom had actually requested an evaluation of planner's services.

There was one single solitary voicemail left for Bride after the event in attempt to determine whether she knew the number of harassing emails her Groom had been sending and I then forwarded all those emails to her--totaling five.

Our response was in like kind to inflammatory method that Groom approached us with his complaint. BTW, original complaint was only that we had played a number of songs which were not on their list which was immediately proven to be wrong.

Client actually had a very elegant and fun event. Guests danced and appeared to be having a great time. Photos prove it. My take is that groom overspent wedding budget and is attempting refunds with all vendors.

Michael J. S., 2009-09-28, 03:11PM CDT

The facts are the facts. Would you as a vendor write page + long emails multiple times if you had nothing to hide?

Why would this vendor not just say "how do we fix this" and not blame the wedding planner, and even me?!

I have eyewitness accounts from the planner, and the hotel coordinator as to HOW RUDE AND UNPROFESSIONAL THIS VENDOR WAS!

His handling is proof positive he has no regard for anyone but himself.

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