Helzberg Diamonds - Not one, but both of our wedding rings destroyed by Helzberg Diamonds in Bellevue

Posted on Sunday, September 27th, 2009 at 4:32pm CDT by 377bb6a5

Product: Wedding rings & wedding band

Company: Helzberg Diamonds

Location: 165 Bellevue Sq
Bellevue, WA, 98004-5021, US

URL: http://helzberg.com/

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We purchased our wedding rings through them in 2005, and over the last couple years of having them clean and polish our rings, they managed to destroy not just my wedding band but my wife's as well. Neither of us have the same ring we did when we were married. They offered to replace the rings, but in my wife's case, they could not, and to get her ring to look the same, we had to pay them about $500 more dollars due to their error and shabby craftsmanship. I had reported them to the BBB and the Attorney general. I had taken off my complaint with them because they offered us to take care of the rings for the rest of our lives at no cost to us, and the store manager in Bellevue told us to always come to him, and he would make us a priority as we were a valued customer, and they wanted a chance to prove themselves to us. That was a year ago. My wife and I went in on September 4th (a couple weeks ago), and the store manager is gone, and the company refuses to do anything free for us. According to them, they have no information, and cannot help us based on a hearsay promise from their store manager. My wife has cried enough over this, and I really would like some justice done for a company that claims they care about your sentimental needs and wants you to trust them. I want them to not go back on their word, and to take care of us, as they should for what they have done. It would have been nice if they replaced the ring to look like the original for free. They need to understand that wedding rings are highly sentimental, and they should treat them as such. At least that is what their promise to you says on their wall.

"Our Promise to You

At Helzberg Diamonds, we know our customers come to us for their most important and heartfelt purchases. That's why your personal satisfaction is, and always will be, our number one priority. We stand behind your purchase because we believe in the quality of Helzberg Diamonds jewelry, and we want to maintain a long, happy relationship with everyone who shops here.You have our word that we will provide reliable quality, trustworthy expertise and a commitment to service like no one else. There are moments in life that transcend the everyday, and Helzberg Diamonds promises to help you make those moments sparkle."


3a78a41b, 2010-01-21, 02:21PM CST

Here is what happened to me from Helzberg Diamond online.

Less than a star!

On, January 7, 2010 I went to pick up a package from UPS as it required my signature. When I opened the package, I realized that I had received a diamond ring from Helzberg Diamonds by mistake. I have never visited your website, nor had I ever purchased anything from them. I did the honest thing and I immediately call Helzberg Diamond, explaining that I had received the ring in error and would like to return it. The person I spoke to couldnt explain to me why I had received the ring, but the invoice said I purchased it on January 4th. I was not in town that day, nor did I go on the internet on the 4th, and I never purchased anything that day, especially from Helzberg Diamonds.

On January 20th, I noticed Helzberg Diamond charged my credit card for $126.49 on January 6th for this ring, which is something I never authorized. I dont know how they got my credit card, other than through internet fraud. They have compromised my credit card, and charged me with an authorized expense. This is outrageous of Helzberg Diamonds to practice this type of fraudulent business. I've sent the ring back and filed a complaint with my bank, hoping to get my money back and also sent a letter to the Beryl Raff, Chairman and CEO of Helzberg Diamond and also one to Laura Kirsner, CFO and Senior Vice President asking them to credit back to my account immediately the $126.49 charge. I'm still waiting on an answer from both my bank and Helzberg Diamond.

abedddb9, 2010-01-28, 05:52PM CST

Interesting. I am now about 1 month into to a similiar dispute with the store in Barton Creek Mall in Austin, TX. We have been customers for about 10 yrs and over the years have made several purchases totally well over $15,000. 3 months ago I lost my wedding ring set. It was not purchased at Helzberg but, when we were ready to replace them, we went to Helzberg because my husband has been pleased with all of the other diamond purchases he has made over time. While we were in the store, the sales person offered to clean my anniversary ring that was bought there and after he took the rings back to someone else for the cleaning, hemade commentto us about their Lifetime Guaranteend it was too bad we did not have one on my wedding rings. At the time, I had no idea how true that would be because 1 month ago the ring that had been cleaned came up with a broken stone. If you look at a triangle from the side and imagine the pointed bottom part breaking off, this is what my diamond looked like. We immediately went into the store and were told that the "Lifetime Warranteewas void because we did not have it inspected in the last 6 months. We pointed out that they had cleaned the ring 2 months back. They were very clear on the fact that every item is inspected PRIOR to cleaning. If this is true then technically my ring had been inspected. They stated that it was not documented. We are now going back and forth about the cost of the replacement stone. After researching the way my stone was broken, we have had two other jewelers tell us that they have neverheard of a stone breaking like mine and that there had to be a flaw in the stone. It has been determined that the setting and prongs are NOT damanged and there is no sign of the ring being hit or damaged. All signs point to a flawed diamond. The statement that they stand right behind every purchase may be correct but, they do not mention that they are behind you to push you right off the cliff and try and get more money from you! I would hope that after all of our years of business, that would stand for something. Cost pricing is an insult. Try REAllystanding behind yourdiamonds. Especially the one that are sold damaged!

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