Rebekahs PureLiving - Rebekah PureLiving Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Posted on Saturday, September 26th, 2009 at 9:20pm CDT by c103a434

Product: food grade hydrogen peroxide

Company: Rebekahs PureLiving

Location: 41 Birmingale Ave
Lapeer, Mi, 48445, US


Category: Other

People in the know are apparently getting involved against Rebekah's scammery.

She falsely claimed she was selling 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide. She was then banned by all shipping companies and disappeared - people who ordered stuck. Then weeks later after ordering elsewhere, sends out "17.5%" claiming its food grade (there's not such thing)

and that even though watered down junk that it is just as good as government USDA certified and inspected 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide.

Look at .

Check out ALL the complaints online before even thinking about doing business with her. Check out that website to find out what she's really doing before you endanger not just your pocketbook but even your health.


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c5bbabb3, 2009-10-25, 12:40PM CDT

Negative reports being filed on this website against us are being filed by Guardian of Eden, and their associated websites. They include, and . They have been harassing us for years, spreading lies on the internet in an effort to hide their terrible customer service record and poor quality products. And check them out on ebay; they even sell 17.5% H2O2!!! I mean what the heck is wrong with these people? Make quality products and provide good customer service. Stop making up fake names and cowardly filing false reports. How can you be so cowardly? We especially feel for the poor folks who buy from these bullies. If they lie about their competition, cowardly use fake names and harass us, what kind of garbage can they be selling?

But it is funny to see how threatened by us they are. They have copied many of our ideas, even selling products we develop and adding stuff like waterfalls on their websites. What do they do, sit there all day waiting for us to come up with great new ideas and then hurry up and copy us. It actually helps to reaffirm us that we are on the path of goodness.

Hey Guardian of Eden, how about you stop hating and harassing and start innovating and improving?

And yeah, we will sign this with our name, not some cowardly made up name like you do.



0e3726ff, 2010-10-05, 09:04AM CDT

I have hypothyroidism and gained about 15 pounds - could not get it mom and several people I know ( mom is in graduate school right now) - have done Rebekah's drops..and they worked..I really didn't think hcg would work for me because of my thyroid issue...but I tried it about six months ago is the only thing that has worked for me..not only did I lose the weight..I feel fantastic and 97 percent like my old self..I don't think about my health anymore..I had to even quit taking my thyroid mediation for awhile because my tsh was too low..I do still take it but not nearly as much and I FEEL so much better - and the weight has stayed off...I am back to lifting weights - am able to retain and build muscle ...I can't rave enough about Rebekah and her products. I know too many people that use her products and they all have had success. I was actually looking her site up right now and I saw this pop up on google. Kudos to Rebekah for defending herself.

20efac62, 2010-10-24, 12:42PM CDT

I have never been deceived or cheated but received better product for less money with friendly helpfull service and thats why I drive 5 hrs.+ from Ontario Canada. Thanks Ken Hughes

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