American Power Conversion - APC XS 900 problem

Posted on Saturday, September 26th, 2009 at 3:32pm CDT by 6259ffd7

Product: APC XS 900

Company: American Power Conversion

Location: American Power Conversion 201 Fulling Mill Rd RM Dock 51
Middletown, PA, 17057, US


Category: Other

This complaint is satisfied, They sent me a brand new unit along with return shipping for the old one. I believe that the problem was in the PowerShute software supplied with the original. The newer version that came with the new unit works. Service was prompt knowledgeable and polite although "offshore." I am satisfied with the results and would buy another product from them.

Unit failed after about 6 months of use. Unit overload light was lit and unit became inactive. When it happened the unit had only a 50% load on it. On Sept 20 I requested help on the website. I received a reply promptly which requested that I complete approximately 3 hours of testing and research into the wattage of my other equipment and was then issued a replacement unit. It arrived within a week but it was a used unit that had been restored or retested anyway. It had the same problem. The internal self test does not pick up the fault so I wonder if the defective units are simply retested and sent to the next guy/ I hope not. I have now re-contacted the company asking what we do next and expressing my irritation (nicely.)I feel that the XS900 AKA the BX900R has a defect and they have a problem and may be trying to avoid replacing it with a newer or beter model. I note that it is not being made anymore.

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2f8487cb, 2011-09-04, 11:34AM CDT

I have the same issue, it complains overload when there is nothing connected to it. I got a replacement (refurbished) but it is doing the same thing after 10 months or so working normally. I am going to ask them for another replacement and hope that works for at least a year!

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