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Posted on Friday, September 25th, 2009 at 7:41pm CDT by 883376b1

Company: alltel

Location: 2084 w 104th st.
cleveland, OH, 44102, US


Category: Other

made a payment arrangement for alltel to take a payment for oct 3rd and the card they had on file was wrong as we had changed our card so i was turned over to their financial dept. to give them my new card number and low and behold did everything even verified the date and got a confirmation number from the customer service rep.then went to do my bank book and what happened they took they payment today when there is not enough in the account to even cover the payment.i called them to make their mistake known and told that it would take up to 15 days for them to investigate and maybe i would get my money and the overdraft fees back if it was their fault,then was told to call my bank and get it stopped through them but my bank said it was made with a debit card so could not be stopped i never authorized the payment just the arrangements for the third so this should be reveresed but i'm getting the run around and in the mean time i do not have any money in my account to buy groceries or have money for my bus fare to get to work until fridays payday when is when they were supoose to take the payment....................


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