Sears - Sears Range doesn't work

Posted on Friday, September 25th, 2009 at 12:16pm CDT by b248d049

Product: Kenmore Gas Range

Company: Sears

Location: Towne West, Wichita, KS
Wichita, KS, US

Category: Other

My new Sears Kenmore Range which cost $1360, 5 burner, double oven gas range, was delivered in March. I used the top oven once. Neither oven works now & after the 2nd repairman, the ignition system for the burners quit working so nothing works. The Sears Towne West Manager, Matt, told me that if Sears replaced the range, "It would cost Sears money", so he would not help me. The Department Manager told me that I had to go through the Sears process as well as the repair manager, Merle. So far, it has been about 5 weeks that I know the ovens haven't worked. It was summer so I didn't try to use them as a lot of heat is produced. I explained to the managers that this was an extreme inconvenience not to have a stove & was told that it was too bad, but I had to go through the process. I guess the warranty with the range is of no use to get another & I purchased the extended warranty only to be told that it is not effective until I have had the range a year. I have had Kenmore appliances for 45 years. My Kenmore refrigerator icemaker quit a couple of months ago for the 2nd time. Now, I have to have a new icemaker. The heating element in my Kenmore dryer had to be replaced about every 3 months & finally, I junked the dryer. Each time Sears repairman came out, it was expensive. The Department Manager told me that Sears don't make their appliances & don't vouch for them. I thought that was a weird thing to tell me. Another person at Sears told me that none of the new appliances are any good as they are made cheap. You don't get what you pay for as they cost a hearty price.

I am very disappointed with Sears not caring about a long-standing customer. It would have saved me as a customer if they would just have replaced it instead of putting me through this nightmare. I was told that I have to go through a couple of more repairman. The control panel was replaced & the replacement doesn't work. I have another control panel sitting waiting for the next repairman. I have always regarded them highly but I have changed my mind. I don't want another of their junk in my house.


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