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Posted on Friday, September 25th, 2009 at 4:23pm CDT by d31583d1

Product: issues ChevronTexaco Credit Card

Company: Fleetcor

Location: PO Box 9560
Concord, CA, 94524-1901, US

URL: http://www.chevronandtexacobussinesscard.com/

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Chevron and Texaco have made a huge mistake by naming Fleetcor as their third-party credit card issuer. Fleetcor engages in deceitful and unfair business practices. The due date is misleading, they do not allow enough time to pay the bill, and they charge a statement fee.

I am required to pay my Chevron Texaco bill by a particular hour on the due date. Therefore, in order to get the payment to Fleetcor on time, the payment must be received the day before the due date on the statement. These terms are only listed in fine print on the back of the statement. Their due date policy discriminates against the elderly and anyone else that may have a difficult time reading the fine print on their statements. The due date should be just that... a date, not a specific time. In the case of Fleetcor their due date is a due 1/2 date.

I was receiving my statement about eight days before it was due and was charged a five-dollar fee on top of that. I called to dispute the fee because of the tardiness with which I was receiving the statements. The representative suggested that I switch to electronic statements in order to avoid the fee and expedite statement delivery. Now, I receive my statement by email on a Saturday and am thus given less than 14 days to pay my bill. Therefore, I must pay the bill almost immediately in order to avoid a late fee.

These are deceitful and unfair business practices. I contacted the company on 9/25/2009 to discuss my issue with customer service and immediately received a sarcastic and cold tone from the representative. I, in turn, was agitated and my issue was never resolved. I would like Fleetcor to change the due date on their statement to reflect a 24- hour period (one whole day) or clearly list the time by which payment must be received near the due date on the front page of the statement. That would be a huge step in the right direction. It seems as though Fleetcor is deliberately confusing the terms of payment in order to punish their customers with exorbitant late fees.

Though Chevron and Texaco no longer issue their own credit cards, they have chosen Fleetcor to represent their company. Chevron and Texaco should be aware that they are getting a bad reputation from which Fleetcor will not suffer. I can always choose a different gas company when I fill up my car, and after dealing with Fleetcor, I just might have to start doing just that.


55f58111, 2013-05-26, 02:57PM CDT

FLEETCOR Is the WORST vendor we have ever dealt with... I couldn't agree more with the author of the writing above. We were a Cheveron/Texaco customer for fourteen years... Never had a problem with them. They realized that we were a small business and worked with us when we had low cash flow.

After FLEETCOR took over business billing, we had nothing but problems... First they sent us a letter telling us that after 14 years, I would need to provide a personal guarantee on the account, or prepay in advance, or go on two week billing. I immediately sent a letter to the CEO of Chevron, and asked him what was going on with this company? I got a call back a few days later (from FLEETCOR) telling me that despite the longevity of my account they would leave the account alone. Then I discovered (by accident) they had put me on bi-weekly billing. This created an accounting nightmare. Hence another letter to the CEO of Chevron, and another call. This time they put me on monthly billing. I started getting the bills and two months later was surprised to learn that they their billing was now net 15, and we generally did not even receive the bill until 4-5 days before it was due. Thus then we got late charged thirty plus dollars a month for late payment. Finally, It got to be such a mess that I suspended doing business with them until we straightened this out... I just sent them whatever they claimed we owed. After the suspension, I went to use the card, and it was denied... I called them and they said my account was closed due to inactivity, and that they could not re-open it. I politely said thank you, shredded my card, and issues Exxon Mobil cards to the team. I have dealt with Exxon Mobil (Citibank) almost as long as Chevron, and I have to say... They (Exxon Mobil) have their stuff togetheer and are small business friendly. MORALE to our story. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH CHEVRON/TEXACO until they fire FLEETCOR for damaging their reputation, and loosing long term customers.

Myles M., 2016-02-09, 03:35PM CST

I have also been a victim of Chevron/Texaco's unfair and deceptive business billing practices. In addition to this, I have noticed that compared to other major gas service providers (e.g. Shell, Mobil), they are consistently around $.10 more per gallon--$.20 more per gallon if you use their "charge" card.

I am hopeful that enough people are fed up with being screwed by these harmful business practices and there is a class action against them (although the only ones to see any meaningful financial benefit or relief would be the lawyers).


Fed up with Chevron/Texaco's Billing B.S.

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