US postal sevice - Rude and unprofessional workers of USPS

Posted on Thursday, September 24th, 2009 at 5:15pm CDT by 3686e44f

Product: Customer service

Company: US postal sevice

Location: 1435 benning dr Columbus, ga 31903
Columbus, GA, 31903, US

Category: Other

Dear management of US postal Service

I am writing this email because of my Great concern of how Customer is being service in the post office 1435 Benning Dr. Columbus GA. I??ve visited this location to send a package to my sister in California; there I was assisted by Dianne. She was not helpful all at. She refused to take my package because she said that it didn??t meet the company??s standard. I totally understand that company policy has to be followed but when I questioned her why she raised voice and relied rudely and said ??because you??re trying to expand the box!?? out of me being confused I ask why did other workers accepted my packages that I DID NOT change my packaging method. She said ??is the way it is! Its company policy!?? I told her well if you are not going to help me then I??ll just go elsewhere. I was surprised with her reply ??Well I??m going to call other post office and let them know that you??re coming!?? .I understand company policy BUT I don??t understand why she was so rude to me. I told my sister what happened and she went in to ask the clerk??s for her name but clerk was not wearing any name tag and refuses to release her name. she ask the other working (ED) and there she found out her name was Dianne. What disturb my sister and that lead me into write this email was the fact that she was friendly other colored folks and when it comes into helping my sister she again raised her voice was very rude to her. The clerk also assumed without asking that she was the sister of the customer that she refuses to service. I believe that everyone should be serviced equally no matter what background they??re from. I could not believe that racism still being practice and brought to work. This clerk??s attitude was very unprofessional and it ruins company reputation.

Buena (GA)

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3d64294b, 2010-04-19, 03:35PM CDT

i also have been treated nasty today and i cant say it has anything to do with racism because my conversation took place over the phone to 4 rude people one of which was trying to say they are treating me the way i treated them but its funny when i calle customer service the people there were friendly and acted as if they liked there jobs these other people claim to be supervisor but who are they supervising walls they shouldnt be alowed to talk to people. the thing is i searched the usps on line and every postal employee or ex employee said the same thing we treat you the way you treat us. listen if you dont like your job find another dont ruin my day and i think they must have it somewere in there job discription to blame the consumer. well hopefully those that have that postal attitude get fired

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