Pacific Coast Hospitality Staffing Inc - Temporary Staffing Fraud

Posted on Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009 at 4:57pm CDT by 1f6be3a7

Product: Food Team Portland Staffing Service

Company: Pacific Coast Hospitality Staffing Inc

Location: 825 NE 20th Street STE 310 AND 4605 NE Fremont St


Category: Job, Career

I ( and others) were hired as "runners" to provide food service delivery and other tasks to the JELD-WEN golf event at Sunriver Resort, Sunriver Oregon this summer. The above referenced firm used the free( read: tax payer paid )services of the Oregon Employment Department job placement services, and offices in Bend, Oregon to interview myself and other applicants. During the interview process I was offered employment at the Jeld-Wen event, and before I accepted the offer I said I had three questions.

How many hours minimum will I be worked? What is the rate of pay per hour? When can I start?

A Mr. Phillips conducted the interview, showed me a list of minimum hours I would be worked totaling at least 28 hours and implying much more if I wanted them.

I said I would accept only if these minimum hours were met. Mr Phillips was cordial, and emphatic about these minimum hours being available " problem..." is what I recall he said and wrote down the four days of work at that moment

The Shift Started at 0900 Thursday and ended about 4:00 each day, and continued through the following Sunday of the event.

After working 4-1/2 hours, I was told by Mr. Phillips that "my services were no longer required", and that my "position" was being terminated. I asked for a reason, and specifically "...if my performance was satisfactory" I was assured my "performance was fine", but that they had no need of me until Sunday, and then maybe. I went immediately to the Oregon Employment Division and spoke with a supervisor, a Ms. Fitz- Simon, and she or her subordinate called Mr. Phillips.Mr Phillips told Ms. Fitzsimon that indeed my performance was not at all a problem. A day later Mr. Phillips called and apologized about the "misunderstanding", but offered me a dishwasher job, and then if and only if my services were needed. I asked Mr. Phillips if he thought it proper to lure people willing to show up on time and work hard and then over-booking staff to cover expected absentees was standard operating procedure. After a hollow and abrupt explanation of "I don't have time for this" we hung up.

I then met a cook who had worked for this firm twice recently and this person relayed a nearly identical scenario of promising lots of hours, and then being terminated after a few short hours of work, despite promises to the contrary, and despite good performance.

It is apparent that any potential employee of Pacific Coast Hospitality Staffing Inc, and any State or private employment division or staffing service should be aware of this firms reprehensible tactics. Its owner is ( According to the Oregon Secretary of State Web Site as of this date) Mr. Sean Williams of Vancouver, Washington. There are plenty of good, reputable, staffing firms around. Pacific Coast has only had a business license in Oregon since June of this year.

In summary: Caveat emptor: "Buyer beware" when shopping for temporary work, and especially when contacting this firm.


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7039cbb7, 2009-09-27, 07:48PM CDT

I am Sean Williams, the President and Owner of Pacific Coast Hospitality Staffing/Food Team and would like to respond.

This is the first I am learning of this incident, and have not had any previous notice of any serious issue from the unnamed person who posted this prior to the listing here on

All staff who were promised shifts at the Jeld Wen Golf Tournament, also signed releases stating that our client could dismiss them without cause or warning, provided we honor the four hour minimum shift established by Food Team for all of their staff. This happened twice during the course of the tournament. Quite simply, the work wasn't there for the individual due to an underattended golf tournament. It was the determination of the lack of business that prompted our client to direct us to send these employees home. While we were not happy, this is certainly not unexpected in the hospitality industry.

While it is true that I have ran the franchise of Food Team as Pacific Coast Hospitality since June of this year, it should be noted that I have been the Branch Manager for Food Team in Portland, OR for the last five years. We reincorporated when I was offered the opportunity for ownership.

It is unfortunate anytime a business receives a complaint, but even more unfortunate when the basis for that complaint is rooted in mistrust and no effort to communicate has been offered. If the person who has made this complaint is truly interested in resolution, they are welome to contact me either this email or through our main office line.


Sean Williams

President, Owner

Pacific Coast Hospitality

Food Team

646ccff0, 2010-02-09, 07:36AM CST

it seems that food team does not about the little people that made them!

23a5ceff, 2010-08-29, 09:28PM CDT

This company is a fraud. It has been in operation in Portland since at least 200, run by a nasty little man named Sean Williams. Employees at Food Team aka Resources in Food, AKA All Team aka Pacific Hospitality did not recieve their w2's for 2009- Employees filing for unemployment since Oct of last year have been experiencing delays because no taxes were paid after 2008. As to the W2's, a look at my pay stubs show that not only were taxes taken out of my check, but they took more than they were supposed to. The IRS is looking into it, but my extension is almost up, and I still have no w2. Branch Manager Rod Atkins, (who is as creepy as Mr. Williams) told temps in Feb, March and April that they would receive w2's. In May he said June. He also claimed that Resources in Food, run by a woman named Bonnie had gone bankrupt. There is no record in the state of Florida or any of the other states (Missouri, where the checks were issued from) of a bankruptcy, under any of the names these folks go by (including Ware Enterprises, the name listed for the Portland office in state tax records. They claim not to know anything about what happened to this woman, yet a former employee have revealed that this company was founded and is run by a husband and wife team, Bill Timmons, and Bonnie Pollack, whose signature was on our checks. So, taxes were taken from employees and not paid to the govt. Financial Aid has been a real pain this year, since they require a W2 for processing. Everything about these people is crooked, and hopefully when the state revenue office is finished with them, they won't be able to do this to anyone else.

THIS COMPANY IS A FRAUD- If you are thinking of using their services, run, don't walk away. it's not worth the burn for a few shifts a month you might get.

189e09a6, 2011-09-16, 02:10PM CDT

My son is also experiencing difficulty with this company.

He worked for them on an assignment in August and is yet to be paid and continues to get the run around from the staff and owner.

WE have been told by the owner "Sean Williams" that "the check is in the mail" but as of yet have not received it. Anyone even thinking of working for this firm, or any business thinking of using this agency to fill temporary positions should BEWARE!

Tony A., 2013-04-07, 06:21PM CDT

I'd like to weigh in here. I've worked for Food Team on and off for years, including the Jeld-Wen golf tournaments at the Crosswater Course in Sunriver. I have worked at many venues in the Portland Area as an employee of Food Team, Inc. I never had a single problem with the organization. I've never had an issue getting paid, including mileage for one of the tournaments where I taxied workers from Portland to Bend and then from the hotel in Bend to the event venue. During my time as an employee at the golf events, I learned a lot about the company that subcontracted Sean and Food Team. This company is Spectrum Catering, and they ultimately called the shots on what was and wasn't needed. There was one year that I was hired as a bartender and ended up working a concession stand by decision of the catering company, NOT Food Team. There are MANY reputable companies in the Portland area (including some of the LARGEST employers) that utilize Food Team and the their newer iteration. I'll say this: yes, I've heard of people having issues with the company over the years, but I've rarely heard of a company that didn't have issues during transition times (change of office staff, management, ownership and relocation). Most of the complaints I've ever heard about this company had to do with issues like this one: That people don't get enough hours. well, it's a TEMPORARY agency that is at the mercy of the clients that hire them. Food Team has taken steps to minimize the impact of the clients' demands on the TEMPORARY workers by having the four-hour minimum clause in the contracts.

If I were in Portland, I would still be working for this company, on a part-time basis at least. They aren't perfect, but they fill a lot of needs, and I know a lot of people that have worked for them for YEARS.

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