American Express - American Express is God Awful Rotten

Posted on Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009 at 3:17pm CDT by 867a6f2e

Product: American Express Card

Company: American Express

Location: US


Category: Other

After 5 years of good payments, and some minor hick-ups, I fell behind in paying on time each month. Although my payments were sometimes late, they were made. On my last billing statement, my balance was $1400. I paid them $700 knowing some new charges were coming. Promptly after receiving their $700 they cancelled my card. In doing that, I had to prioritize, and pay other bills.

Now, they have sicked some awful Collection Agency on me. I explained the situation and tried to be nice. Now they call every week, wanting their last $1200. When I told them I would pay on the first of the month, they wanted $100 now. I told them NO! When I mentioned "harassment" the operator went CRAZY.

If at all possible, do not get this card. They love you when you pay, but when you don't, they sick the dogs on you. Try to pay your debts as much as you can, but steer clear of these people.

I am now boycotting ANYTHING to do with American SUCKSASS.


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