Burger King - Attitude and Service

Posted on Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009 at 10:25pm CDT by 5d82b194

Product: whoppers

Company: Burger King

Location: Wadena,, Mi, 56482, US

Category: Other

My husband and I went to Burger King for lunch on the 19, before he had to go to work. The young man that was waiting on us made a mistake when we were using a coupon. He told his assistant manager that he needed help. She looked at him and told him infront of use and other customer that he should have put his head on before coming to work. And she was not quiet about it and was very rude to him. His name was Grant and I apoligized to him for getting him is trouble. Then she continued to tell me exactly what was wrong with my order and I tried to tell her that we were using a coupon and we just wanted 2 whooper not 3. She kept aruging with me and I just told her to forget it and didn't want to talk to anymore. When our order came up there were 3 burgers and the regular manager was there and she asked why three burgers and I told her what happed but it still was not taken care of properly, they just took the free burger off and refunded some change on my husband pop and onion rings that he order. Denise is the regular manager and the one that told me so ruddly told me she was in charge was Brittany. I have a few choice words for her but I will not put them on here.


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