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Posted on Monday, September 21st, 2009 at 8:35pm CDT by d4135566

Company: Verizon

Location: ALBANY, NY, 12250, US


Category: TV, Music, Video

I am in urgent need of your assistance, on July 7, 08 I went into contract with DirecTV and Verizon It is call the bundle plan three in-one, when I started out I took one receiver with the package. Around two month in the contract I asked DirecTV for another receiver at that time they said I was not qualified for another TV-Box my account is new I will have to pay, give it a few month then call back I will be eligible to get a free TV-Box, I did what they suggested, I received the box for the additional TV.

After receiving the TV-Box I call DirecTV to connect the service, I was told it will cost me $75.00 if someone from the company came to connect the service. They suggested I should get a local person in the area. (I try with DirecTV, tech-support; they try to walk me true by using the telephone to do the connection and programming of the TV. It was a disaster both TV channel kept changing together, making a long story short the company refuse from coming out to help without a fee (I was not told about the connection fee before receiving the box). I decided to go with another company that has a promotion in the area. The service was canceled with DirecTV/ Verizon June 12, 09. They are charging me Early Cancellation Fee they maid no mention of a fee for getting another TV-Box. I emphasize all I was told was I was not with them long enough to get a free box, try back in a few months I did so and they shipped me the receiver on April 11th 09!!

After canceling the service on June 12, 09 I have been charged for pay preview from a year ago (2008) I have never ordered pay per view. Secondly, on July 15, 09 I maid a call to Verizon, the representative at Verizon suggested, I mail in the payment together they will send the payment to DIRECTV so I mailed $177.70 to Verizon, they did not apply the payment to DTV for Mays payment. Service was cutoff on June 12, 09 the payment for June is only a partial payment DirecTV in charging me for May & June plus early cancellation. I try to reason with them they ignore me totally, I also spoke with the supervisor on September 8, 09 regarding the incorrect statements. Plus these companies charge a month in advance for service so technical I should not have any payment for them!!.

Thank you for your undivided attention regarding my situation. Please advise me on the next step so that we may achieve a mutual satisfactory resolution.


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