Boston Tabels - Boston Tables don't deliver on time and then charges the consumer shipping charges if they cancel for none delivery

Posted on Monday, September 21st, 2009 at 5:40pm CDT by 2fa6924c

Product: Black Theater Chairs / COA7537

Company: Boston Tabels

Location: 2255 Westbelt DR. Columbus, OH 43228
Columbus, OH, 43228, US


Category: Other

I orderd the so called fast delivery Theater Chairs from Boston Tables. I ordered the chairs on 9/14/2009, and they said they could deliver by 09/17/09. The company shipped the merchandise to their shipping courier on 9/15/2009. I got a call from the shipping company that they would deliver the chairs on Thursday 09/17/2009 between 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm. The policy of the company is only to delivery curbside service I ordered two sets of theater chairs the total weight of the shipment totals 960 lbs. The companys shipping policy specifically remind the customer to make sure they have assistance to get he merchandise to into your home because the shipping company would not accomodate. I was waiting on my shipment when around 4:00 pm I decided to call Boston table to make sure everything was okay with the shipment. I was informed that the shipment never left the shipping company because when the company loaded the truck for Thursday deliveries, they forgot my merchandise. the informed me that they could deliver the next day, I said that's not doable, they said what about between 6:00 pm & 8:00 pm. I told them that I could accept the order that late only if the shippers would assist because I could not ask my assistance to stay at my home any longer. Further more this was paid help. The shipping company informed me that they would not assist with putting the merchandise in my home if I accepted the late delivery. I informed Boston Tables that I would like to cancel the order. Boston Tables is refusing to give me a full refund siting their shipping policy that once the merchandise is shipped if it is returned the customer would incur shipping charges to and from their residence. The shipment was never in route to my home because the shipping company didn't put it on the delivery truck. They failed to deliver the merchandise at the agreed upon time, and then refused to compromise by helping put the merchandise in my home even though they failed to deliver the merchandise to my home at th agreed upon time. Boston tables refuses to give me a full refund, instead of holding the shipping company responsible for the non-delivery, they are penalizing me by not refunding the amount I paid for the non-delivered chairs.


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