Hitachi - TV Under Warranty, Not Fixed

Posted on Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009 at 3:49pm CDT by 4dd0aa13

Product: Hitachi 50 inch Plasma

Company: Hitachi

Location: US

Category: Other

Bought a 50 inch plasma, went out after about 5 mo, but still under warranty. TV repair shop said pretty common problem w/ this TV with the boards going out. 2 of 3 boards went bad, Hitachi requires under warranty that all 3 be replaced. No problem. Turns out, however, these boards are not in stock at Hitachi and Hitachi has no ETA on getting the parts in. They also require the parts be ordered from them when under warranty, not anyone else.

I've been without the TV for roughly a month and a half, and as of today, theres still no ETA on when they will have this part. Could be many more weeks. Additionally, they are unwilling to work out another solution. They won't give a loaner TV, or replace the set, or do anything else. They said to wait. Heck, I'd take a little 19 inch loaner TV just to have something to watch, and get some small use out of my cable package.

In other words, Hitachi TV breaks while under warranty, Hitachi requires parts come from Hitachi, Hitachi doesn't make the part (they claim they do, just no ETA on when it will be in existance again, could be ages and has already been weeks). Hitachi unwilling to do anything but have me sit on my thumbs while I'm burning $100 a mo on a sweet HDTV package basically for my oak tv stand, while Hitachi is busy coming up with excuses for why they won't supply the part for the Hitachi Plasma they require come from Hitachi. Rep stated Hitachi has no corporate policy on how long them put their customers through this torture before they replace the product and consumer being held hostage. Awesome job, Hitachi.

Everyone else, watch out. Anything can break, and warranty is only as good as the competence of the company standing behind it. I would refrain from purchasing any big ticket items from this company.


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