transaction Clearing - ROCKET COMM SVCS-EFAX & VMAIL

Posted on Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009 at 3:38pm CDT by 4c8d315d


Company: transaction Clearing

Location: 500 North Loop 1604 East Suite 250
San Antonio, TX, 78232, US


Category: Other

just found out in my ATT bill there's a $12.95 charge by this Transaction Clearing company and the item is called "ROCKET COMM SVCS-EFAX & VMAIL MTH FEE", I never heard of this company and never deal with them before, and I google the company and found that many people has been charged with this unknow services, and concluded that this is a SCAM, why the government or FCC did not get these criminals ???


9e85aae3, 2010-09-30, 09:05PM CDT

I had the same exact charge on my AT&T account. I called AT&T Services and they said I had to call the company since they have "no idea what that charge is". I called the number listed (1-888-300-0549) and selected to "cancel my account & reverse the charges." We'll see if that happens!

4b6dbad0, 2012-06-01, 08:36PM CDT

my complaint is exactly as te original.

what can be dne ?

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