Keen Pomeranians - Keen Pomeranians Sells Sick Puppies and Will Not Refund Nor Exchange

Posted on Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009 at 7:21pm CDT by 49759c59

Company: Keen Pomeranians

Location: 7358 Hickory Little Rock Road
Decatur, Ms, 39327, US


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I bought a puppy from a breeder in Mississippi and I live in California. The puppy was very sick when he arrived and I tried feeding him and giving him water constantly. I took him to the vet within 24 hours and he had a strong case of parvo. The "breeder" is in complete denial and refuses to negotiate at all. I sent her the vet papers and she still will not refund my money, nor will she replace the puppy. This is a warning to all consumers who are looking for a puppy and want a reputable breeder. DO NOT BUY ANY DOGS FROM CAROL KEEN AT KEEN POMERANIANS!


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9df2959e, 2009-09-02, 10:56PM CDT

Cindy Aguilar

1143 N. Ave

Azusu, California 91702

Buyer was sent a puppy with a Veterinarian issued Certificate Of Health. Puppy was checked by a vet in California and treated for travel stresses. A second California vet convinced Ms. Aguilar to relinquish ownership of her puppy after about 24 hours from receiving the puppy. This, along with other things she did is a blatant breech of my contract. I have a copy of the contract signed by her if anyone wishes to see it, along with all the other documentation. It is quite tragic that Ms. Aguilar relinquished ownership of her puppy, but it was her decision and I could not dissuade her from doing so.

Quite a bit on this has also been posted here:

I welcome anyone to read it and contact me if you have any questions regardintg this traggic incident.


Carol E. Keen

13a82230, 2009-09-29, 08:52PM CDT

I feel that as consumers we are often taken advantage of and this is a perfect example. If the breeder cared about their business they would have tried to work something out with the buyer. Unfortunatley, dog breeders do this more often than we think. There needs to be more stringent rules regarding the selling of animals.

9df2959e, 2009-11-03, 02:14AM CST

Since this format has refused to let me upload documents since day one, here it is.. all the supporting evidence.


Carol E. Keen

435c57d7, 2011-11-25, 09:29PM CST

Sorry but you breach your contract first of all when you sell dying puppies. YOU breach YOUR own contract. So that is a bit irrelevant. Defensivness just shows all of your guilt... And you know what... anyone else who has gone through this should NOT want another dog from this person. Once you have a puppy or dog with parvo, it takes A YEAR to completely get rid of, and up to 3 years to get rid of outdoors. This person is "breeding" puppies to die. How horrible, sick, and demented is that. Find a REPUTABLE breeder who really does actually love their animals and the pomeranian breed. This person is nothing but lies and if you do end up getting a poor little puppy from her, you'll see it for yourself. Be smart, do not employ someone to sell 'dead puppies'. If you do, after knowing this, you are just as cruel as that.

49759c59, 2011-11-28, 06:22PM CST

I see that Carol Keen at Keen Pomeranians is continuing to breed sick puppies. This lady needs to be put out of business for good!!

8abeda30, 2015-06-06, 06:05PM CDT

How does one find a reputable breeder? I've pinned at least 30 breeders and am checking each one. Unfortunately there are complaints about them all!!

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