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Posted on Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009 at 7:45pm CDT by 03bb6ead

Product: Apartment

Company: Chase Oaks

Location: 5819 Southside Blvd Jacksonville, FL 32256
Jacksonville, FL, 32256, US

Category: Other

I've lived here for almost 5 years. Why I don't know. Rent is too high, water bills are out of this world (50 a month for a 1 bedroom!). Any repair issue and it takes several attempts to fix it half way, let alone correctly. IF they come back. Had my bathroom sink disconnected for 6 weeks!

Had to call the City Code folks to get my A/C repaired after a year of verbal and written complaints.

They make excuses, they loose paper work, they don't return calls. I've gotten to the point of just not bothering.

I never once got notice of "lease is coming to an end" like I have before with other complexes. It usually shows up 2 weeks before lease is about over.

Way too late to give notice if you want to move out, being forced to renew, at a much higher rate than "new" people get (100 a month if not more)

I never got a copy of my last lease though I asked for a copy several times.

I put in writing my notice to move out, blindly, because I didn't know when this lease was over.

I find out, that my notice was ignored, lost, or just thrown out when I applied to move somewhere else and a refrence was returned with "no notice given" Is it a trick to keep me here? Maybe. I think it's the usual lack of unprofessional behavior to those that live here vs the people they are trying to get in the empty apartments.

Don't move here. It's too expensive for the falling apart apartments and the water bills that are inflated to get more profit!

Not to mention the noise levels from the complex next to this one! Sleep has never been so little than now!


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