Best Buy - Cheated by BEST BUY!!!!

Posted on Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009 at 10:59am CDT by 4c02456b

Product: Whirlpool Frigerator

Company: Best Buy

Location: Lakewood, Co, US

Category: Other

We bought a "brand new" Whirlpool refrigerator from Best Buy in June of 2005. It died yesterday. When the repair man came, he told us the compressor went bad. and it appears the compressor did not work properly to begin with, because the wire was cut and a device was installed to improve the performance of the compressor. For a brand new refrigerator, this is really odd. Unless Best Buy knew the refrigerator would not work, therefore, they put in the device to mask the problem. It was a lemon we bought, but we paid full price for a "branad new" refrigerator!!! I think this kind of practice is really shady. I can't believe a well know company will do this to their customers.


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