8812 Verona Mckinney Texas

Posted on Saturday, September 19th, 2009 at 11:33am CDT by bc4d50f8

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All the foreclosed property in Verona Estates that is bank owned appear to be appraised on average $100,000 more than the rest of the neighborhood. I think the appraisal values are clearly manipulated. See 8812 Verona and 8813 Verona both are appraised at $500,000 and $590,000 whennone of the house are appraised at that price recently. Buyer before. These houses are not in a complete state. One needs a garage and the other one appears to have structural issues due to large cracks ont he brick and stone outside. Buyer beware

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bc4d50f8, 2009-10-02, 06:20PM CDT

I notice that too, appraisals seem too high. Another problem potential buyers need to be aware of is the whole subdivision is on foreclosure and although this house maybe may be "stately" it doesn't mean the person or builders buying those vacant lots will build stately homes. Its a big gamble especially if a cheap house builder buys the land and start building homes in the $200,000 range...those house in Verona currently foreclosed even if bought at $300,000 might not be a good buy if your neighbors are in the $200,000 range

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