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Company: WATER ACE

Location: 1101 MYERS PARKWAY
ASHLAND, OH, 44805-1969, US

URL: http://www.waterace.com/

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17 Sept. 2009

Water Ace Pump Company

1101 Myers Parkway

Ashland, Ohio 44805-1969



Lowe???s Home Centers, Inc.

1520 Rt. 38, Bldg. 10

Lumberton, NJ 08048



Store Code: 15750-91509-18734

To whom it may concern:

On Saturday 19 Jan. 2008 I went to Lowe???s Mt Holly, NJ & bought a Water Ace Model R5V ?? HP Sump Pump with a 5-year warranty.

On Saturday 12 Sep.2009 I returned home @ 2300 hrs to find my basement flooded. The sump pump stopped working.

On Sunday 13 Sep. 2009, I returned to Lowe???s to get another pump and bought a Water Ace Model R50VLT.

I woke up Sunday Morning 12 hours after installing this pump only to find the basement flooded again. I checked the float and manually lowered it and then left it rise to the switch and the pump started pumping once again. I watched it do this for 5 consecutive 15-second cycles and then the 6th time the pump clicked in as before & ran, but would not pump out the water. (Also noted was a stream of water exiting the pump near the outlet. It looked like a hairline crack in the housing.) I went though the manual resetting the float again & the pump did the same thing. I laid on the wet floor for about 2 hours doing this over and over to lower the water table. I had to repeat this several more times during the day & into the evening to keep the basement free from water.

While on break at work I called Water Ace & talked with a gentleman named Ron & he said I should return both pumps to Lowe???s and gave me # 200-801 for the R5V pump. When I got home from work on Monday 14 Sept. 2009, it was flooded again. I repeated the manually lowering and raising the float to get it started and then it worked once again for a few cycles & then just turned on without pumping any water as it has been doing since Sunday.

On Tuesday 15 Sept 2009 I went to Lowe???s with both pumps but I didn???t have the receipt for the R5V pump with me as it was at home with my income tax file. (With all the water coming into the basement, I didn???t take time to search for the receipt as in the past Lowe???s was able to find my purchase on their computer.) I gave them the date and Model number but they said that they could not find it in the system as the SKU changed. The Zone Manager Josh would not give me his last name as I said that I would be in contact with Lowe???s Corporate office. I exchanged the R50VLT pump & went back home.

Walked through the now flooded basement again and installed the R50VLT pump. Turned it on and it started pumping right away. After about 10 minutes the water was back in the sump pump well and it shut off until it filled up and it kicked back on. This happened for about 7 times and then it turned on & failed to pump the water until I manually lowered the float and raised it in order for the pump to start pumping again.

This went through the 15-second cycles for about seven times and then stopped again.

Also to be noted here that the pump would actually sound like it was pumping water after the 7th cycle, but only was circulating water in the pump well with some exiting the anti air lock port. This continual running with adds to my electric bill for the last 5 days.

It was at this time that the thought came to me to check the box to see where this pump was manufactured. When I read Made in China, I really got ticked off! I???m sick and tired of having so many things made in China. I would not have bought this pump to start with had I checked where it was made, but for the fact that I was in Lowe???s & needed a pump right away.

I want you to know that I lost a lot of our things in the basement because of the pump failure; lost a lot of hours changing out the pumps & trying to get them to work properly; time in traveling back & forth to Lowe???s as well as money spent on gas for my car.

Now I know that it doesn???t take a rocket scientist to change a sump pump. It is just a matter of connecting a hose & plugging in. However I do want you to know a little about me.

I served 20 years active U.S. Air Force & 10 years Inactive Reserve as a Jet Engine Technician & later as a C-141 Starlifter Aircraft Flight Engineer, Also ram my own Home Improvement business for a few years and I???m a Real Estate Investor with a few properties that I maintain. I???m also employed on Fort Dix, NJ as part of the ISO 9000 Quality Team, working with the Electronic Shop; Weapon Shop & the Vehicle Maintenance Shops for the vehicles used in training and deploying with the Army, Air Force and Navy. Needless to say, I???m very familiar with all kinds of pumps and switches.

With that I can only say that the Water Ace Pumps are of poor quality. I would suggest that you get rid of this Chinese made junk and BUY AMERICAN!


Chuck Hassel


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ca71eb26, 2011-03-14, 12:48PM CDT

I also have a "water Ace" pump. I use a few times a year to pump off the rain water off my swimming pool cover. The pump worked as expected the first year, but failed the start of the second year. It was also purchased from Lowes. Because I no longer have the receipt, i cannot return it.

Cheap, Cheap prices and Cheap, Cheap JUNK from Lowes.

9336ba0a, 2012-12-21, 12:42PM CST

I have an ace too. Works great until there is a vapor lock. Sounds like that was what you were experiencing Chuck. Install back flow valves and drill a small hole just underneath the valve in the PVC pipe between the pump and valve. Should solve problem or get get automatic air vent.

71174fab, 2015-01-05, 01:33PM CST

I have had your pumps for almost 20 years and have had 3 failures all caused by faulty float switches.The pumps hold up well but floats are junk.What changes in float manufacturers have you made in the last 10 years that addressed this condition? I want to keep a spare pump ready but hesitate to buy yours due to float failures.Lowes exchanges them but all that is needed is a reliable float switch.were your units made in China?


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