Gettel Kia Dealership - WHAT IS A WARRANTY IF I CANT USE IT?

Posted on Thursday, September 17th, 2009 at 6:55pm CDT by 47adc308

Product: 2006 Kia Spectra/Gettel Kia Dealers in Bradenton, FL/KIA MOTORS AMERICA INC..

Company: Gettel Kia Dealership

Location: 6423 14th St W.
Bradenton, FL, 34207, US


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I had an issue with my vehicle a few weeks prior to visiting the dealership. My vehicle was overheating, which caused damaged to my radiator. So a mechanic said that i needed to change the radiator and thermostat, which i did. The car was driving fine, until a few days later when my engine light came on. I went to the nearest Advance Auto store for a diagnosis, and they told me it was an electrical problem with my spark plugs. So i got the spark plugs changed. The car was driving fine for the first two days. After that the engine light came on again. And for some reason the car wouldnt start like it normally would. I had to mash the gas peddle for the engine to kick completely on. I had no clue what the problem was so, the next day i went to an auto shop to get an oil change, and to also change all of my other fluids. The associate told me that i was running low on coolant. And i thought that was impossible since it was just changed last week. He told me i might have a leak, most likely the head gasket. So i called Kia Motors America Inc. and asked if my car was under a warranty. They said yes, so i got my car towed to the nearest Kia Dealer, which was Gettal Kia in Bradenton, FL. They told me that the car couldnt be fixed under warranty due to me being negligent. Driving the car while the issue existed. I attempted to call Kia's Main Office, but they just sided with the mechanics decision. I thought i was being no where near negligent since i was taking care of every problem that was given to me by professionals. I believe they are being unfair, and that they are just trying to find any reason not to fix my car under its warranty. Instead they want me to pay that $2000.00 bill, of course. What is the point of a WARRANTY if i cant use it?

Also, I found out that i'm not the only one that has been having overheat problems with there Kia Vehicle. Here are a couple below:

Catherine of Mandeville, LA September 15, 2009

We purchased a 2006 Kia sportage in January,09, and recently we had problems starting the car. We would have to press the accelarator like crazy for is to start. We took it to a local mecanic and he told us that computer says nothing is wrong with the car, that he got it started with difficulty but he could not determine what was wrong with it. So, I got it towed to a KIA dealership 20 miles up the road to a city nearby, and he just informed me that the cylinder wall is cracked which means the car has over heated many times, without nobody noticing, and no check engine light ever coming on, and mainly that it needs a new engine for the hefty price of 5598.00. KIA obviously have issues and they really need to recall most of them. Its crazy!

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Carlos of Nuevo, CA August 22, 2009

I bough a new Kia Spectra 2008 with 19,000 milles and on less than a year to be driving it, and the engine Overheated, start smoking and stalled car not restart, damage cyl head. and the water got inside of the motor and took it back to the Kia dealer and they told me that they and Kia company are not going to cover anything on the warranty eventhough is till 36,000 warranty. No i do not have money to repaired and after some months the dealer wants to charge storage charges since July 6 2009 when the Kia failed

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