All About Dogs Pet Grooming - Very Bad Schnauzer Clip

Posted on Thursday, September 17th, 2009 at 12:47pm CDT by 2d0c4515

Company: All About Dogs Pet Grooming

Location: 8081 Normandy Blvd. #3
Jacksonville, Fl, 32221, US

Category: Other

Took my standard schnauzer in for a bath and clip. I took them stay with t he lines that are there. She went below the lines and clip the hair off of his legs. She quicked his front nail and it was bleeding. She burned him with the clippers in various places drawing blook. She left the hair growing down from his beard under his neck so that it joined his skirt hair. She told me that was a schnauzer cut. When I asked her did she go to school to do what she does she told me to take her to court if I wanted to see her certification. I then knew she did not have one. She said she could not glue hair back on so what did I want her do to and I said a refund would be good but she refused. She offered me a discount for the next trip to her BUTCHER SHOP and I quickly declined. Please do not subject your pet to this kind of treatment. I am so sorry I did.


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