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Hello to everyone who reads my blog....

I am publishing this series of emails that I sent to the Target Stores Executive Staff. Please feel free to read. The email addresses of Target Executives are included in my letter. Feel free to contact any or all regarding your own Target experience or to make any comments concerning my post. When you read my letter below, I relate how my rights as a disabled person were violated by Target Stores.

When you read my series of letters, let me express that not one person from the Target Executive Staff has communicated directly with me, or made any attempt of an apology. The only communication that I received from the Executive staff was indirectly. Mr. Troy Risch sent a brief response to the other Executive members on my email and copied me stating only, he would take care of issue. I never received any form of direct communication from Mr. Risch. I received only a phone call from the area Manager with an apology. My original issue was simple. I had made a purchase at Target and I was charged for almost $25.00 in merchandise that was never put in my bags. It should have been a simple resolution, but turned into a nightmare...taking up hours of time attempting to resolve, and physical and mental setbacks related to the stress. Since Target Executive Staff have shown no sensitivity, the matter is still ongoing. You can read more details in my letters below.

Target Stores Executive staff have shown no remorse for my time for mistakes their staff made, my emotional distress, my days wasted by my illness flare ups directly resulting from their employee's actions and Executive inaction, and lack of accommodation under the American Disabilities Act. The Target Stores Executive Staff have ignored any subsequent communication to them. It is apparent, Target has absolutely no regard for how I was treated or how this issues is still affecting me.

As indicated in my final email to Target, I will be filing a complaint on behalf of myself and all disabled persons with all applicable Federal agencies. I am seeking an Attorney, who is an advocate for human rights and the rights of the disabled. No one should have to be treated as I have been by Target. If you are an attorney, or can recommend one, please contact me at paulaleblanc1 at yahoo dot com. I will only be able to work with an Attorney, who will take my case on a contingency basis. The only way Target Stores will understand and ensure this does not happen to another disabled person, is legal action. It's time to make an example out of companies that condone violation of human rights.

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Attention Target Executive Staff,

On Thursday, 9/10/09, I sent a follow-up to Target Stores Principal Executive Staff. Not only did l not receive a response, it appears that I have been blocked from sending email correspondence to the Executive Leadership. Below, you will find my letter from Thursday, as well as my original letter of concern. I am frustrated by the blatant of disregard for my time both past and present, emotional distress caused by the original issue, and on-going stress related to unsatisfactory communication with Target Stores. In addition, Target Stores has shown no remorse for my physical setbacks related to my illness and disability, recently caused by the altercation which your employee initiated, and continuing due to the stress of Target Stores lack of regard for resolving my concerns.

As I mentioned to you previously, your employee was discriminating toward persons with disabilities by his actions. After, I informed your employee of my disability, he refused any type of accommodation. Your employee only continued to aggravate the situation. Target Stores has shown me that there is no concern regarding the amount of hours, perpetuating from a simple mistake by one of your checkers. Target Stores shows no concern regarding the amount of time that I have spent having to recover physically from stress, and continuing from this ongoing escapade. As I have mentioned, I am legally disabled under a doctor's care with several chronic illnesses. There are very few days that I can venture out of my home, as it is. When I have good days, I try to get out some. It is of the utmost importance to me, as I have little quality of life being homebound much of the time. I experience intense pain and fatigue much of the time. Because of my chronic condition, I have to be very careful of my stress level. I try to avoid stressful situations, as it aggravates my condition. Directly after this incident, I went home exhausted. The next few days were followed by a severe flare up, marked by severe pain, exhaustion, and inability to leave my home at all. I have been upset by Target Stores resolution of this matter and Target Stores ignoring my communication. This past week, I lost the whole weekend and much of this week due to fatigue and pain. The stress of this situation is the aggravating factor. When I have episodes like this, I am unable to perform simple tasks inside my home. I can do nothing but lay down and try to keep my pain under control. My time is depleted by sleeping from extreme exhaustion with short periods of wakefullness. Summer is the time that I have a little more energy. My better days are precious to me, and I resent the loss of so far almost two weeks of my time, due to being subjected to unnecessary stress from Target Stores and their staff.

Since the events that transpired appear to be of no importance to Target Stores, I will be initiating further action. Further action includes filing a Federal Disability Discrimination Complaint under the ADA Act and contacting the Illinois Department of Human Rights. There are Disability laws in place pertaining to Accommodation of the Disabled. It is important that other Consumers know how little Target cares about each customer, so I will alert Consumer Reporting and Watch Dog Websites, of the factual events that have transpired. In addition, my intentions are to seek Legal Council. There are reputable Law Firms that represent persons with disabilities. There is a principal involved that not only affects myself, but other Americans with Disabilities.


Paula Miller

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Dear Mr. Risch,

Thank you for responding to my concerns. I received an apologetic call from your District Manager, John. He assured me that the issues at hand had been addressed. Apparently, my refund card had been tossed out, destroyed, or used, since it had disappeared entirely from the office. He assured me that my refund would be sent promptly. I did receive it via regular mail yesterday.

Although my original issue of Target owing me money has been resolved, I still do not have a positive outlook toward Target Stores. I spent a minimum of 6 to 8 hours time on this issue between phone calls, in person communication, emails, and not including my travel time and automotive expenses. Not forgetting the fact of your employee, Ty and the emotional distress he caused me. After my interaction with him, I spent the afternoon crying due to the ordeal. Because of my illness, I am very limited on the stress that I can endure. Besides being to subjected to unnecessary stress, my disabling illness is often made worse after I am subjected to a stressful situation. The same evening of the episode, I was drained of all energy. The next couple of days or so, my illness had flared up again, marked by intense pain and fatigue.

I was sent a $25.00 gift card which was about $3.00 more than I was owed. Sending a $25.00 gift card, was like a slap in the face for all the time and emotional distress this has caused me. It was my wrongful assumption that Target, as a good will gesture would have made some token of restitution for my time and emotional distress. It started with a Target checker charging me for items that she never gave me and since escalating to a horror story involving Target Customer Relations. Customer focused companies would have sent their apology with a gift card or discount incentive for future purchases. Yes, I have my refund, but in the process of four weeks I have lost abundantly more.

I left John a voice-mail message stating that I am left with a very bad taste in my mouth toward Target Stores, after everything that has occurred. Personally, I prefer Target over Walmart. There is a Walmart located 1/2 mile away from my home. However, as a consumer I am more interested in how a company performs on a service level. Several years ago, there was an issue at Walmart with service. I did not have to write a corporate email, in order to contact Area Management. I spent much less time and far less heartache on the Walmart incident. Walmart was so concerned about the issue and their service, that I was sent $100.00 gift certificate, in addition to their apology. In the future, I am not inclined to drive out of my way again to Target due to this incident. The store in question is the same store that I had an issue with 3 years ago, when I stopped shopping the first time.

Thank you for your attention to my letter.


Paula MillerOn Wed, 9/2/09, Paula LeBlanc wrote:

From: Paula LeBlanc Subject: Target Store 2177To: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, westrail@comcast.netDate: Wednesday, September 2, 2009, 11:53 AM

Dear Mr. Steinhafel, Mr. Eastman, and Corporate Officers,

Rarely, do I take the time to voice a complaint at the Executive level of a company. For one thing, I don't appreciate spending a couple of hours to compose a letter. Also, I attempt to resolve a situation at the lower levels before taking further action. I have shopped Target stores for 20 to 30 years. In the past, I found Target to provide exceptional service and never had an issue. Over the past four years, I have noticed a decline in customer service, accountability, overall politeness mostly in the team lead and management staff. My experiences became more and more poor, until it culminated in a final unresolved incident at the store management level. As a result, I boycotted Target for 2 years or so. In the last year, I decided to give your company another chance and began shopping at Target again.

In the past few months, I have spent thousands of dollars shopping both in-store and on-line. Each experience was positive. Unfortunately, I had an extremely negative experience yesterday in Target store 2177, located in Aurora, Illinois. Because of this experience, I am again considering ceasing shopping with Target once again. After much thought, I decided to inform Target's Principal Executives, before I make a final decision. I did not consult with anyone beyond Target's 800 Customer Service, when I previously discontinued my patronage of Target Stores. Although, I am just one of millions of Target customer's, my assumption is...that the leaders of Target do not want any of your customer's to experience poor treatment by a Target employee.

The experience I had at Target 2177, began with a purchase I made approximately three weeks ago in the same store. My purchase total was around $300.00 on that particular day. When I arrived home with my purchases, I found I was charged for a large bottle of Weed Killer which cost right at $20.00, but was not given to me at checkout. I also noticed that a large box of Cereal had been cut all the way to the interior, by a stocker's box cutter. I immediately called my area Target and spoke with the manager, Matt. I explained to Matt that I am officially and legally disabled with chronic illnesses. I told Matt, I did not know when I would be able to make it back out to pick up my might be 2 or 3 weeks or so. Because of my illness, I am unable to do simple tasks, such as going to the grocery store 90% of the time. Matt put my refund on a gift card which he assured me would be in his desk, until I was able to pick it up.

After three weeks of inability to get out again, I was finally able to go to the store yesterday. I went to Target to pick up my gift card. I was going to use it toward other purchases that I needed to make. I went to Guest Services and asked for Matt. He was not on duty and would not be in until 6 pm. It was before 3 pm when I was in the Target store. Since Matt was not in, I explained the situation at guest services. The Manager on duty was called to come up front and to check Matt's desk and office for my card. The M.O.D. was Executive Team Lead, Ty. Since he refused to provide it, I do not know his last name. Ty never came up front to speak with me. Instead, he called back to guest services stating that he was in the office and that my card was not there. He did not speak directly to me, but I did hear him on the other end of the line speaking to guest services. He stated that I would have to come back when Matt was at the store. I relayed to guest services a request for Ty to call Matt, so that I would not have to be inconvenience once more. He blatantly refused to call Matt. I requested Ty to come to guest services.

Once Ty arrived at guest services, it was very clear by his demeanor and tone that he was inconvenienced. I explained needed to do some shopping then and about my disability keeps me from getting out for weeks at a time. Either Ty did not believe me or he has no empathy for anyone with a disability. I am under a doctor's care and I can provide proof. Knowing of a person's disability and with no attempts and/or refusal to accommodate is blatant disability discrimination. At the very least, Ty should have sensitivity training.

I continued to request Ty take one minute to call Matt. He refused over and over again...then finally telling me that he knew Matt would not answer a call and was not home.... Since he refused to contact Matt, I asked Ty whether there was some where else in the office that he could look for my refund card. Again, he indicated that I could call or come back when Matt is in. I thought surely there has to be a log of my refund and card issuance. I asked Ty about this and he stated there is no documentation that takes place. That statement seems to be deceptive, but of course I do not know for sure.....I just can't imagine this to be true with a company the size of Target. Surely, he could have at least looked this up by my credit card associated with the transaction that took place.

Because Ty was so antagonist, I became more agitated and upset. It was clear that he did not want to help and was not going to do any problem solving on this situation. I told him that his customer service skills were poor. I requested another manager. Ty stated that he is the Manager (although I later found out that his official title is Team Lead). I then requested the name and phone number of the area district manager, which of course was refused. He gave me the 800 number for customer service and would do nothing more. I assume this is the Target policy regardless of the situation. In the end because of Ty's attitude, I expressed to him that he is too lazy to step out of the box. He then blew up, said that I called him a name, so he was done talking to me. As a matter of fact, I did not call him a name, I simply described his behavior. I was very disappointed to have to deal with an individual, employed in a professional and in a management capacity, behaving so immaturely. I wouldn't think that Target stores would appreciate such poor customer service abilities. In my opinion, some people are just in the wrong job fit and should not be in front of a customer. I can easily state this, having worked for many years for major corporations as a Customer Service, as a National Account Representative, Management, and utimately owning my own company.

Once Ty voiced that he was not going to talk to me anymore, I requested to call Target's 800 Customer Service from the store. I was speaking mostly to the Guest Services Representative, but would occasionally turn my head in Ty's direction. He kept chanting over and over in a juvenile way, "I'm done with you", "I'm not talking to you anymore", and the like.... When he stormed away from the counter, I asked whether Ty always a jerk. Without any aforethought, the reply was, "yes." If this is the case, he is perpetually running off customer's and alienating employees, below his level.

After all this drama, when I reached Target Customer Service, I was not too happy to find that I had reached someone in India. The matter was regarding a U.S. store and local issues, so I wanted to speak with someone local. (As a U.S. citizen, I really don't appreciate outsourcing to countries outside the U.S.A., but that's another issue entirely.)

I was finally transferred to Kay in the U.S. Kay took down my complaint and information. I explained what occurred in the store, about bringing my disability to the attention of the M.O.D., and the fact that I felt discriminated against by this individual. I was very surprised to find that no one would ever be calling me back....not even from the store level. At the very least, an apology is warranted. Again, I wanted to speak with the Local District Manager at some point. It was very disconcerting to be informed that the District Manager will not take calls in escalated cases, nor will make calls. When I asked, I couldn't even speak to a Manager or Supervisor at the call center. I was given opportunity to speak with another representive. I even requested to contact Executive Customer Service, which was not an option either. Without any means of escalating an issue beyond the store or Customer Service, there is little accountability. Issues remain and customer's leave, and no one really knows why beyond the lower levels. Since I was so frustrated with my dealings both in store and through my customer service call, I had planned on blogging on my own websites, consumer websites, stockholder sites, and more regarding my interaction with Target, as well as my discrimination complaint. Being a reasonable person, I am writing today believing that Target Executives and Upper Management levels do not share the same philosophy, and uncaring attitude that I have experienced overall at the lower levels.

Back in the 90's, one the highest priority with corporations was striving to give better service and quality than any other company. Training and up-training of customer service skills and managment skills was at an all time high. Corporations strived to win awards, such as the "Malcolm Baldridge", award. During the 2000's the focus has changed. Now the majority of companies provide bad service. Customer Service and Management have little people skills. Workers in the service industry have little accountability, are curt and rude, and do not care how much business is lost. It has been forgotten that without customer's, there would be no paycheck. With the economy in such a sad state, I am hopeful that companies will again understand the power of service and their customer base. With that said, I hope you can relate to the concerns I have as a customer. Thank you in advance for your courtesy in reviewing my letter.


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63b0f3cd, 2010-04-20, 05:34AM CDT

It sounds like this whacko is a hypochondriac, disgruntled Target employee. Who puts themself under that kind of stress over $20 of a supposed $300 purchase? And she claims to spend thousands of dollars there. She has had other issues with retailers like Walmart and even the same store. She never mentions what her disability is, I think it is the fact that she is not happy unless she is unhappy and has an excuse to be a bitch.

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