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Posted on Wednesday, September 16th, 2009 at 4:53pm CDT by 318b6679

Product: credit card

Company: Cardmember service

Location: Office of the President Three Christina Centre 201 N. Walnut St
wilmington, de, 19801, US


Category: Other

I canceled my card due to lack of customer service by Account supervisor Corenza Pickering. I received your 9/10/09 statement for $1. Apparently the previous amount due of $10 was paid 6days late. I phoned to have the $1fee reversed as a courtesy and when Ms. Pickering said she would not reverse, I asked to have the call escalated she said she was the account supervisor and I could only have the call escalated if I put it in writing.

Priority Club charges to pay by phone and to pay online. I asked if I could pay the $1fee by phone and she said it was a $10minimum. Ms. no service then advised that I would have to mail in a check.

Although I have been a good client and have two other chase cards, this type of customer service is unacceptable.

In direct response to Ms. Corenzas inability to handle my request in good faith, I asked Ms. Corenza to cancel the card. Ms. Corenza said she could help me with cancellation and did so immediately. Ms. Corenza advised I would receive a letter and lose any benefits which were currently held on the card.

Ms. Corenza did end the call by saying have a great day but who is she kidding? This call took place at 4:45pm Eastern on 9/16/09 and although Ms. Corenza would not give me her rep ID number I hope human resources will listen to the tape recording which is periodically monitored.

Enclosed is my $1 check for 6 days interest on $10.


3c6c90ea, 2011-03-06, 11:48AM CST

I would find a new provider also, I had a similar situation with amex about 15 years ago and will never use their service again.

0ced0e3e, 2011-03-14, 11:35AM CDT

I have a priorityclub chase credit card and would like to check my statement and can not fine the website. According to my statement, I type in to manage my account and you get hundreds of website. I can not find the one to use. Why can I just go to correct site with

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