Midas Pikesville - Beware the Midas touch!

Posted on Wednesday, September 16th, 2009 at 2:11pm CDT by 2d573a03

Product: Midas auto repair

Company: Midas Pikesville

Location: 902 Reisterstown Rd
Pikesville, MD, 21208, US

URL: http://www.midas.com/

Category: Other

On August 7, 2009, we took our Toyota Corolla to Midas Pikesville for an oil change and asked them to look into oil leak problems that we were having. They did the oil change and reported they couldnt tell what the problem was since the engine needed to be cleaned. On August 12, we brought the car back in for them to clean the engine and tell us the problem. They told us the problem was there were multiple leaks and gaskets needed to be replaced. We told them to go ahead and fix all the problems. They assured us that all the work that needed to be done was done. Less than a month later, we were driving on the highway when the engine seized up. Maven Motors, a local auto shop, towed the car to its facility for $75. They told us there is almost no oil in the car and that is why the engine seized up. We went back to Midas, Lynn Armstrong, General Manager of the Pikesville location. Midas sent a mechanic to Maven Motors and checked out the car and claim that the engine seizing up was due to an internal engine failure. When I asked what that meant or could she be more specific as to what the problem was, she was unable to do so. The engine in the car is dead and needs to be replaced (est $3000). There should be lots of oil in the car less than 30 days after an oil change and supposedly fixing of the oil leakage problems, but the mechanic at Maven Motors said it barely registered anything on the dipstick. Midas refuses to take responsibility.


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