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Posted on Tuesday, September 15th, 2009 at 7:40pm CDT by c17347d3

Product: Networking Router

Company: STAPLES

Location: Fremont, CA, US


Category: Other

This is in reference to a purchase I made at Staples, Fremont, CA store for a Networking Router. I bought the router on 08/27/09 and went back the store on 09/15/09 to return it. The cashier at the register did not know if it fell under the 14-day return policy rule. She asked the manager and he confirmed that it cannot be returned since it's over 14 days.

I have a couple of issues with this.

1. If the store cashier did not know what the resturn policy is on the product, does STAPLES really expect the customers to know this. Or wait, is STAPLES expecting customers to read the 4-point font on the back of the receipt every time they buy something?

2. Agreed it's a corporate policy. However, STAPLES should infor the customer when they make the purchase or have it BOLDY displayed in the store about 14-days return polivy instead of advertising "Easy Returns".

3. I went home and compared the return policy for the exact same item at different stores, including BestBuy, Fry's, Walmart, Target, OfficeMax. They all offered at least 30 days return on this product. Although that's a different subject. Consequently, I am simply not going to buy from STAPLES just because they chose to have this abnormal return policy unique from the competitors.

4. The worst thing. The store asistant, named, Rico had no sense of customer service at all which seriously surprised me. After he informed me that he could accept return, he offered me to speak to the manager, to which I agreed. He then informs me the manager just went to "lunch" (at 5pm in the evening). I got pissed and said why'd you offer to talk to the manager when he's not there. At this, he started to say "there is not reason to talk in this way". The assistant had no sense of customer service. He was talking to me from across the store in a complete impersonal manner.

6. What infuriates me is the fact that Rico did not have "any concern, regard" whatsoever in the manner he dealt with this. As a customer I only want to be heard and respected. I myself work in customer service and know how to handle these situations in case, and the way Rico handled it is a classic example of failure to deal with customers.

7. Not that it would matter much to STPALES, but I am never buying at your store ever and would make sure everyone I know does not either, "and so on".

8. If you want to have unfair policies and on top of it offer riciculous customer service experiences, I'd rather give my business to someone who are fair actually offer great customer service.

Ideally, I would like to see what STAPLES CORPORATE does about this, but at the same time I'm not too hopeful of anything happening. Contact me if you have any questions.


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eda1ef3c, 2009-09-25, 01:36AM CDT

1. I agree that the cashier should have known the return policy better, but it's possible that she was just new or just filling in for the person who usually does returns.

You are expected to read the 4 point print on all of your receipts. You would read the fine print on any other document, so why should this document be any different.

2. Although it's nice to have the return policy displayed where the merchandise is located, as long as they have it printed somewhere (i.e. your receipt or possible just on a sign at the returns desk) they have done nothing wrong. It is not required to be printed where the merchandise is located in the store.

3. I work at one of those competitors you mentioned, and I welcome your business.

4. It's possible that the store assistant was trying to help resolve the situation by possibly getting management to override the policy but then realized he/she had just gone to lunch. 5pm is not an odd lunch if he/she is the second shift manager.

5. 5...

6. Some people just aren't meant to deal with returns. There is a nice way to tell someone that an item cannot be returned because of policy without being rude about it.

7. Even though I work at a competitor and would love your business, I would suggest that you bring this incident to the attention of a manager or to the corporate office. Most stores will do just about anything to make sure that customers continue to shop at their store.

8. It may not be as unfair as you think. Most policies are determined because of the return policies of manufacturers. If the store cannot return the damaged/unwanted item to the manufacturer after a certain amount of days, the policy reflects that so the store does not "eat" that loss of profit. Even though other stores carry the same product with a longer return policy, the manufacturer does not necessarily give every store the same return policy.

I hope my comments were helpful.

bec3e468, 2009-11-26, 08:05PM CST

I agree strongly - I returned a laptop the day after purchasing and was informed a tech must examine it before I could get a credit. (it was the last one like that so I could not exchange) The tech would not be at work until the following Monday (this was Friday) He called on Monday to tell me they would refund but there would be an $80.00, plus tax, charge for making the laptop re-sellable as Windows 7 was not installed properly. Laughable because I bought the unit with Window 7 pre-installed and it worked fine all day before freezing up the next day and would not re-start) I now understand that to make the laptop re-sellable to the next poor sap, the tech team had to remove the info I had entered (user name, password etc) and the Norton download - thereby incurring the $80.00 labour charge.

0a1e25a6, 2010-01-18, 01:34PM CST

Staples has no sense of customer service at all -- they sent me a promotion that I can't redeem, how frustrating is that?????

993c46c3, 2011-01-12, 06:36PM CST

STAPLES IS RIDICULOUS! I JUST LEARNED THIS INFO AS WELL.Tried to return or exchange a $100.00 set of dr dre beats headphones today. 4 days after the 14 day return period. "SORRY". very frustrating. I will gladly advertise this ridiculous policy and can not wait for the day Staples goes out of business.... as I smile and drive by an empty building.

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