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Posted on Tuesday, September 15th, 2009 at 9:05am CDT by 3b73e0f8

Product: Nokia 5800 Music Xpress

Company: Woodlands Nokia Services Center

Location: SG

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My Seven times visit to Woodlands Nokia Service Center within 3 months

The story begins from middle April 09, I signed a new Nokia 5800, which is the first touch screen model from Nokia. Two months later, I found that the phone cannot detect the SIM card any more; the only resolution is to reboot the phone which will only last for 2 hours. My nightmare begins!

Then comes to my first visit to Causeway Nokia Service Center. I leave my phone there for repairing.

Two days later, I got a phone call from Nokia Service Center that the phone is ready for collection. So I went there again to get my phone, which is my second visit. I asked the service guy at the counter what they did to repair the phone, Sir, we have reinstall the software, and we tested that it works now. Ok, I dont know whether to simply reinstall the software helps, but sounds like they know what they are doing.

After I got this phone back, and used only for one day, it is down again. I went to the Nokia Service Center the third time, and told them to repair it again, and asked them to monitor this phone before call me for collection, as the problem will appear within one day, so as long as monitor it for one day they will see the problem. I think everybody makes mistakes; I can give them another chance.

Two days later, Nokia Service Center asked me to collect the phone and claim that the phone is ready. So I went there and asked what they have done. Sir, we have escalated your case, and it has been sent to workshop and serviced by our expertise. We have replaced 4 parts on the PCB, there will be no problem. I told the service guy at counter that I am not in a hurry to get the phone, but just want to make sure it is fully tested. The guy is very confident and tells me not to worry about that. He also requested me to format all my data in my memory card just to make sure no other factors that will affect the performance. Oh, all my music I downloaded from Nokia website will be gone!!! However, I agreed, if by this can solve the issue and make them feel confident, I think it is worthwhile. This is the fourth time I went there. I am seeing more people bringing their Nokia 5800 in. Oh, my goodness!!!

I got the phone back and started to use it, after 1 day it downs again. To make things worse, no matter how I reboot it, it cannot detect the SIM card any more. I was really annoyed by the way the service center doing. I doubt whether they have monitored the phone before they asked me for collection. I decided to escalate this case. So I went to the service center again, this is my fifth time visit. I requested to talk to the center manager regarding this case, but unfortunately there is no manager on duty on Saturday, the highest position is the supervisor. I talked to the supervisor the case and asked to do something rather than repairing as I dont trust their repair. But the supervisor said there is no other option but to repair. This is some of the conversation happened, I just use Miss C to refers to the supervisor.

Miss C: Can you leave your phone with me, I can help you to check your phone personally?

Me: I thought your guys have been checked my phone 2 times, this doesnt help. I wont leave my phone unless you have some different resolution.

Miss C: Can you give ME another chance? I didnt personally see the problem.

Me: Are you standing for yourself or Nokia? Your guys have checked 2 times, unless you dont even trust what they are doing.

Miss C: our engineers have repaired and tested the phone, before we call you for collection. This is really unfortunate.

Me: But as you know, there is only 2 days after I got the call for collection, how and when do your guys have chance to monitor it? Unless some different resolution is provided, I wont leave my phone here.

Miss C: In our service center, we dont provide 1-to-1 exchange, so the only thing we can do is to repair.

Me: How can I trust your repair any more? Can you put yourself in my shoe? If you say there is nothing else expect repair, I would like to talk to your manager.

Miss C: Even my manager can not help you to change to a new one, but to repair.

Me: Ok, if you are not at the position to make the decision, please ask your manager to call me back. I will talk to her, if she also cannot make this decision, I will talk to her manager.

Miss C: Ok, I will call my manager. But please leave your phone with us, so that we can monitor and see whats the problem.

Me: Sorry, no more chance. Your guys have been monitoring my phone for so many times, I dont want to waste time any more.

So I went out the center, before I stepped into MRT, I receive a call from Miss C.

Miss C: Sir, I have talked to my manager, we can help to request a new PCB for you, but this is subject to approval. Can you leave your phone with us?

Me: Ok, thanks. I will leave my phone with you if you can commit that the PCB will be replaced.

Miss C: Sorry that I cannot commit that we will change the PCB for you, as mentioned this is subject to approval.

Me: Ok, fine. I will talk to your manager.

I didnt leave my phone there, as I know they will simply diagnostic the phone and change the parts, by then I have no chance to get the PCB replaced any more.

The following Monday, the manager (Miss A) called me; I have explained so hard whats going on. This is an Indian lady, she always repeats that she cannot request PCB without the phone, but always state that this is subject to approval. I have explained to her for one hour that I want the PCB to replaced, no matter approval or not approval as it is her business not mine. I was really frustrated talking to her, it took me 2 hours, but she still saying: Sir, please leave your phone with me, and then I can request the PCB.

I understand this is chicken egg issue: I want to have commitment from Nokia so that I can leave my phone with them; but they want to have my phone then decide whether to make this commitment. I was really frustrated, but have to give in, there will no better result even argue longer. So I went to Service Center the sixth time, the counter guy told me that they will change the PCB for me. This is the direction from Miss A. Ok, not so bad. At least she is listening.

At the counter, I met a boy who holds Nokia 5800. The problem he faced is the data will always be corrupt and the battery can only last 6 hours. And whats more, this is the second return, I can only say in my heart: Good Luck.

Three days later, I got a call from Service center that the phone is ready for collection. So I went to this center the seventh time. But when I checked the report I found that there is another part which was replaced, but not PCB replacement. Then I told this guy so, the guy checked record and told me that: from the record the direction is to change the PCB directly and they already got the new PCB. But dont know why the engineer changed another part.

I was really unhappy to see this, as you can see even an escalated case is not considered seriously. I then requested to talk the Miss A. (I went on Monday). But Miss A is on medical leave, and the highest position person is Miss M.L (Surname starts with L, first name starts with M).

Me: Can I ask why this happens even if the direction is clear that the PCB will be replaced.

Miss M.L: Because our engineer checked that there is nothing wrong with PCB, thats why he just changes the part only.

Me: But your guys told me that PCB will be replaced no matter it is good or not. (Actually I didnt argue what does she mean by PCB is ok, but one part is replaced. Just like a part of the motherboard is ok, but one of the part is not working, although this part is just part of the motherboard)

Miss M.L: Our record says the PCB will be replaced if it is checked with any problem. And it is subject to approval to change the PCB.

Me: But just now your guy told me that the record says to directly change the PCB.

Miss M.L: I only trust what I see.

Me: This is your system; you can write whatever you want.

Miss M.L: you can take your phone now, or you can leave your phone here, we will change the PCB, and you can collect your phone 2 weeks later.

Me: Is that so simple? You are wasting my time and trips, you know how many times I have been here?

Miss M.L: Four.

Me: No, it is seven. I am not happy with this.

Miss M.L: This is the only solution I can provide. You can just leave your phone here and come to collect again.

Me: You know that it is your fault which makes me come back again?

Miss M.L: I understand your frustration, worst case we will send the phone to your address.

Me: Ok. This is not over. Can I talk to your manager?

Miss M.L: My manager is on medical leave.

Me: Then your managers manager?

Miss M.L: My manager is the highest escalation point you can go.

Then she shows me a face like: I am the highest position here, and I am the person you have to deal with, what can you do? This attitude really hurts me.

Me: I dont like your attitude. I will write to Today or Straights time regarding my case.

Miss M.L: Please go ahead. You can do whatever you want.

Me: Sounds like you dont care.

Miss M. L: I wont say I dont care. You are rightful to do whatever you want; I cannot stop you from doing anything.

Ok, enough!!! I know there is no point to talk to her any more. So I told her that I will leave my phone here and please send it back to me after repair. After she disappears, I talked with the Service guy at the counter, and asked her manager to call me. He told me that he will let the manager know. I have also mentioned that it has been 3 months for my phone to be repaired and I cannot use the phone during this period at all, can they consider extend the warranty? He said he is not at the position to extend the warranty, but he can request for me.

I was waiting for the manager Miss. As call, but as I predicted, I didnt get it. Until one day the service center calls me again, told me that my phone is ready for collection.

Me: I thought the phone will send to my address instead?

Call Center Girl: Sorry, there is no such record.

Record? Again, no record? What kind of record system is that? What kind of supervisor is this? Committed, but not done. Committed again, but not even recorded.

Me: Ok, can you ask Miss A to call me? I have been waiting for her call.

Call Center Girl: Sure. I will ask her to call you during lunch time.

I received a call from Miss A on the same day. Miss A already knows that I have requested to send the phone to my address. So she apologizes on the way the supervisor is handling. But to her surprise, she doesnt even know that I have requested her to call me back few days ago, not even mention about the warranty extension.

She committed that the phone will be sent to me and will request the warranty extension. At last, 1 month of extension is given. I am so tired that I dont even want to bargain for longer period again. Finally the minimal requirement is fulfilled, but as you can understand, my satisfaction is 0%.

I talked to my friend regarding the attitude of Miss. M.L, my friend suggests me at least do something, but also be careful as Nokia may sue me on this. As there is no witness to help me to prove whatever she said. Poor Me!

I hope this case is over, it lasts from June to Sep time, and I feel very tired to deal with Nokia Service Center to just make my phone work. You can see that almost every weekend I was there. I thought this story is over. But it is not! I received the phone yesterday morning at 10am, but until 4pm, it is down. AGAIN!!!

What can I do next?


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