Dish Network - Lock into poor service

Posted on Tuesday, September 15th, 2009 at 5:08pm CDT by d243de97

Product: Satellite TV Service

Company: Dish Network

Location: Atlanta, GA, 30348, US


Category: Other

Service dropped every time it rained. DVR that wants to record adult programs on 2nd tuner in daughter's room--and that crashed receiver when stopped. A movie recorded in 23 one minute segments. Screens are oriented toward making it too easy for anyone in household to order pay services or upgrades. Too many problems to list. Certainly not TIVO quality. Using their latest receivers too.

I wanted to cancel immediately at install, three days into service, and then 13 days into service. Customer service did anything to try to make right and said I had 30 days to try service and cancel without cost. On day 26 I canceled. They claimed they never had a 30 day period to cancel and insist on charging me $360 early termination fee. Quite simply, they lied, they didn't keep the phone recordings, they claim they aren't even capable of contacting the representatives by the codes they had given as contacts.

Calls get transferred from one person to the next and nobody is capable of terminating the contract. They are a desperate company with inferior technology that will do whatever they can to make a buck and that doesn't deserve to remain in business. Don't give them your business. Look at U-Verse if you can, or else Comcast with TIVO series 3. If you do go with Dish then do it with them directly instead of through one of their resellers. The resellers just add unnecessary costs and terms.

A lawyer may contact me for action against Dish Network. I expected to be able to terminate the contract within 30 days without cost as I was assured multiple times. Also please contact me if you were told of a 30 day period.

Paul Baumann

Marietta, GA

[email protected]


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