RJBA Child Support Enforcement - Child Support Ripoff/Scam

Posted on Tuesday, September 15th, 2009 at 9:05pm CDT by 90e9dd3d

Company: RJBA Child Support Enforcement

Location: 5 Industrial Way
Salem, NH, 03079, US

URL: http://www.rjba.com/services/faqs.html

Category: Other

I had an account with Supportkids and they turned my case over to Richard J. Boudreau & Associates and I have asked them a couple of times to cancel my contract and they have refused. I feel they should have let me out of the contract due to the fact that I was not aware of Supportkids turning over my case to a new company and also I did not authorize or sign a new contract with the new company. After explaining that to them over the phone, they still said that I was not able to get out of my contract. I then verbally requested a copy of my contract twice and each time I was told they would send me a copy within a few days and I have yet to get a copy of my contract. I feel RJBA is taking advantage of me and is taking all this money from my child support payments that the state of California is now getting from the non-custodial parent. I understand that I was not getting anything at one point in time, but if the state is getting it for me, then why do I need a private agency to do it for me and why is if fair for them to take money from my child when the state is doing all the work???? I am currently looking into filing a lawsuit against RJBA if they continue to deny me from being released from my contract because I have not signed any form(s) consenting them to take over my child support case. In my opinion, this is very unprofessional and illegal what RJBA is doing.

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bad13d36, 2009-12-18, 10:49AM CST

The exact same thing has happened to me and I'm trying to research my alternatives!

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