audiotogo - Audio to Go's Free Trial is a SCAM

Posted on Tuesday, September 15th, 2009 at 5:38pm CDT by 4c6ecf09

Product: Audio to Go free trial

Company: audiotogo

Location: 22272 Pepper Road, Unit B


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Audiotogo is a website similar to netflicks. You sign up for their monthly service and they send you audiobooks. You keep them for as long as you like and then mail them back. I signed up for their two week "free trial". It took the first (and only) audiobook 9 days to arrive to my house. I realized that the company has not worked out the kinks in shipping yet and decided to cancel the service before my free trial was up. I cancelled the service and they still charged my for the month! They claim that you have to cancel your service 3 business days before your free trial is over. They also claim that I still have an audiobook checked out so I cannot cancel. When I received my first audiobook I returned it the same day because I knew I did not want to use their services. They make it impossible to "try" out their service for free. What a SCAM!

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894b0d90, 2011-01-20, 10:26AM CST

I have had a membership with audio to go

off and on for several years and found thier service efficient and reliable. Recently I upgraded my plan from bronze (2 books) to gold (4 books). That change was requested 11 days ago. I'm being charged for the upgrade but no books have been sent. I have twice received emails stating that the books will be sent "shortly" but they aren't sent. I have called at least 20 times but have never spoken to anyone. The phone just rings off the wall or a message is left but never returned.

Once I actually did get a live person who immediatly transferred me to a voice mail box ?!?

The dramatic change in service is shocking. I feel I have no choice but to cancel my membership and find

a more reliable company to do business with. The frustration isn't worth it.

Update ; I finally did get a call back

from the customer service manager who told me that the reason no books have been sent is because ALL 50 BOOKS ON MY WISH LIST ARE ALREADY CHECKED OUT.

I find that impossible to believe.

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