Hughesnet - Hughes Net High Speed Internet Satellite rip-off

Posted on Sunday, September 13th, 2009 at 6:16pm CDT by 33983ac5

Product: DW7000 IP.S

Company: Hughesnet

Location: US


Category: Other

After spending literally hundreds of dollars to purchase and install our Hughesnet (previously Direcway) satellite system seven years ago as we live in a remote area, we found immediately that performance was minimal. This company's TV advertisement is absolutely misleading. They do not tell you how expensive it is--their technical support, India based, is totally inadequate and uninformed with many different technicians each telling you something different--you can spend HOURS on the phone with technicians you cannot understand due to their lack of English skills. HughesNet fails to tell you that using an antivirus program slows you down even more (this was told to me by a technician when I phoned to inquire why my internet was so slow). Dial up is better.

Just a few days ago, I received a "pop up" telling me the system I had paid so much money for, the DW7000 IP.S, was DISCONTINUED, and I could upgrade "FREE" to an HN7000s. It took me two days and many phone calls to find any information about this at all. Many of their phone numbers don't even work!!! I was finally told by a technician that as of now, the system I currently paid for and own will no longer have technical support since it was discontinued--he went on to explain if I couldn't connect to the internet I would not have any support whatsoever(even though I am paying a large monthly fee).

Turns out the upgrade is "free??" with a 24 month committment (including a $300--$400 early out fee--the technicians each had a different amount, again totally uninformed with no "office communication") and a $25 shipping fee. Once the new modem is installed, the previous one can NEVER be reinstalled! To make this really, really bad, I was also told that my current satellite dish, again very costly, would PROBABLY NOT SUPPORT the new HN7000S and that I could have a new one installed for $199, or yet another option for $399!!!! So my "free with $25 shipping and 24 month committment" is now turning into hundreds of dollars.

This is outrageous!! When you think you are set with your EXPENSIVE system and high monthly fee, they will eventually discontinue your modem or require upgrades (I have already done a "modem upgrade" previously), which is extremely costly in today's recession! You end up staying with the company simply because your monetary investment was too huge to walk away from.

I pay a high fee for satellite internet of $69.95/month for their slow and inadequate service. They do not care for their customers evidenced by not offering to maintain existing equipment, purchased in good faith, discontinued or not, with technical support. Even an OLD discontinued washing machine can be maintained by a good service department!!

Remote areas are better off with dialup internet service as the speed is comparable. I am NOT upgrading--I can't afford to at this point. I will "hang on" until I am unable to connect anymore due to whatever reason, since technicians were again so vague, and then will go back to good ol' dialup at a much, much less expensive price with local, understandable technicians who are ALL ON THE SAME PAGE, and no expensive upgrades or discontinuations resulting in large additional costs hidden behind the word "free".

Oh, and watch out for the FAP (fair access policy) which limits your downloads. Cross this line and dialup will zoom right by you for 24 hours. I wasn't told about this when I purchased, but they said it was explained to me???? BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!


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