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Posted on Saturday, September 12th, 2009 at 2:46pm CDT by ceea37a1

Product: vodafone business and prepaid lines

Company: vodafone egypt

Location: cairo-alexandria, EG

URL: http://www.vodafone.com.eg/

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To whom it may concern

i am from egypt, i really had i big problem with egypt vodafone customer service ,as they were impolite and aggressive many times though the phone service and at Alexandria carfour branch .i was mistreated by the branch manager and by the customer service representative .

i have been a customer of vodafone for 10 years till now,my current number was given to me by the company i used to work in, then when I left the company they gave me a disclaimer to the line to be changed from the company name to my name, from a corporate line to a personal line.

This disclaimer was sent to Vodafone by my company on the 27-jan-2009 i have the confirmation report that it has been received , this disclaimer contained two request :

1-To change the line from business line to prepaid card system.

2-To transfer the ownership from the company to me .

So my first request was made ,but by accident three days ago I found out that the ownership was not by my name,and when I visited the branch to give them another copy of the disclaimer that was sent to them, they said ??that this disclaimer was expired and it is only valid for one month and this is a Vodafone policy, and how can we make sure that your company didn??t cancel their disclaimer to you ,we need a new one ??

I answered ?? if they canceled they would have sent you a fax confirming their cancelation??

So My complaint is that they were carless they didn??t even bother looking at the system to see if they had a copy or not ,they were extremely rude and the manager was indifferent to anything I said ,even to the point when I said that I will probably be leaving Vodafone to another competitor ,she just said?? as you like??

They wasted my time for couple of days and nothing was solved till now.

Thank you for your attention and I hope my complaint will be taken into consideration and will be thoroughly investigated and actions will be taken with this poorly trained staff.

Best regards


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