Sears - Charging a Senior Citizen for warranty repairs

Posted on Saturday, September 12th, 2009 at 5:24pm CDT by ee207b1c

Product: Sears Self Propelled Mower

Company: Sears

Location: 800 Foxcroft Ave
Martinsburg, WV, 25401, US

Category: Other

I am a 73 year old female senior citizen who bought a new self propelled lawn mower from Sears in April 09, paying $349.79. The self propelled part stopped working, and I also noticed the mower was not mowing the lawn very well. My friend and I brought the mower to Sears to have it looked at and I explained I was only interested in repairs under the warranty. I received a call from the local Sears store on Sept 11, the mower was ready to pick up. I was charged $26.17 for a new blade and filter, which I paid. I told my friend I had paid the $26.17 and she told me I did not need to pay anything as we only brought the mower in for warranty repairs. I never requested a new blade oil change or filter, as the mower has only been used 6 -7 times, and my friends husband would take care of changing the oil at the end of the season, sharping the blade, etc. My friend insisted my money be returned to me. The clerk left to get the store manager. The store manager argued with my friend and told her he would not talk to her, only me, since I owned the mower, even though I told him my friend looks out after me and has a right to stand up for me. I finally got my money back. The Store Manager was extremely rude and told me NEVER TO BRING MY MOWER BACK TO SEARS, as they are not in business to give away non warranty repairs. I did not ask for non warranty repairs, and my warranty extends through 2011. I guess I will never be able to have any work done on my mower by Sears. I explained to him that when I brought the mower in to Sears, I was told by the clerk I would receive a phone call from the Service Dept, but I never did, and I never requested a new blade, oil change or filter, as I know blades can be sharpened, and as a Senior, was totally taken advantage of. I never received a phone call to authorize these charges. I was told I initialed the work order authorizing any items not covered under the warranty up to $24.99. Well I did, but the clerk told me to initial, not explaining what I was initializing. I never meant to sign anything that would cost me additional money. Funny, the bill I paid was $24.99, plus tax, just the amount in the block that I initialized. This just goes to show you Sears will rip you off, especially Senior women, and will get you if they can. The majority of consumers are not aware what they have authorized, as they are just told to initial and sign, with no explanation. I was just asked to sign and initial so they could get the mower to the repair shop.

The actions of this Store Manager is totally unacceptable, and I will never shop at Sears again and when I or my friends need another mower, where do you think I will buy it? Not Sears!!


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