Cox Communications - Cox Communications: Never Again

Posted on Friday, September 11th, 2009 at 5:20pm CDT by 79572843

Product: Cable TV and High-Speed Internet

Company: Cox Communications

Location: US

Category: Other

Cox Communications may well be the most offensive cable company I've ever dealt with. Within two weeks of doubling my monthly rate to $165 (which they did because my promotional period expired), my television went completely blank for several months. I called Cox technicians several times in an attempt to fix the problem over the phone, but that didn't work. I then scheduled a service call, but wasn't home when the technician arrived because a work-related emergency came up. Then I got extremely busy and simply did not have the time to wait at home for a technician to show up. All this time, I continued in good faith to pay my bill on time and in full and just hoped that somehow the service would be restored. Of course, it wan't, so I finally called Cox and dared to ask for a credit for at least part of the time I had no cable TV service. They not only refused, but said it was my fault that I didn't sit at home and wait for their technician. They also refused to accept any responsibility for the cable service going down in the first place. Cox's billing people were rude, insulting, and made it sound like it was all my fault that my service was down for months because I didn't make the time to sit at home and wait for their technician. There are many more sordid details to this story, but you get the picture. These people don't care a whit about their customers. When there's a problem, they blame the customer, take the money, and add insult to injury by treating you rudely. I'm done with Cox Communications. Never again.


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