Lets Move It - Unprofessional Movers - Keep them away

Posted on Thursday, September 10th, 2009 at 9:00am CDT by e7d46a2e

Product: Movers

Company: Lets Move It

Location: 4202 Boulder Pointe Drive
Ellenwood, GA, 30294, US

URL: http://www.letsmoveit1.com/

Category: Other

I hired these movers to move me from my townhouse to my apartment that was less than five miles away. Once they arrived I noticed their truck was already half full. They forgot their tools so when it was time to pack up my major appliances (washer/dryer) and bed room furniture, I had to wait and buy them tools to keep it going. I never received reimbursement for the tools I brought. They didn't have room in the truck so I had to carry items in my car. When we finally got to our destination it seems as if it took them double time to unload than to pack. While they were unloading the truck I found that they broke my bed and washing machine. Finally, I had enough and figured out they were trying to gouge me on time I asked them to leave/or stop the clock. I got on the phone with the manager to settle the cost. He was very rude and threw racial comments to me not considering the drama I had went through that day. First he wanted to charge me the full time they were there. I told him that was unfair considering there was so much time wasted on them not having their tools because they were trying to hide the fact. I had to remind him that he called and asked what was taken them so long and they explained that they couldn't figure out how to put my bed back together not telling him that they broke it. After a little back in forth we agreed on a price. The next day I find out that the part they broke on my washer wasn??t an easy fix and I had to get it serviced by a repair man. When I contacted the manager about the repair he told me we were even due to the time he knocked off my service. So I ended up with an expensive move that I never got paid for my help and broken appliances and furniture. If you want professional service don't call these guys because they are out to get money without providing professional service and will give you the level of service based on your sex and race.


af03b5ad, 2009-09-10, 12:04PM CDT

I am happy to inform all viewers to inquire the finding results of this matter with the BBA.Our company accepted mediations through the BBA at the customers request and was cleared of this complaint.

case#27102780 quote"Your company has made a good faith effort in an attempt to resolve this issue;therefore we are closing the case at this time."

Robert Allyn L., 2009-09-10, 01:35PM CDT

OOOkay When the BBB says that the business has made a good faith attempt to resolve the matter what it really means that thier mediation proccess has failed to satisfy the consumer and that they give up. It does not mean the company has done the right thing, the leagily correct thing or made any other gesture of true recompense or settlement. Just that the company has argued every body to a stand still. Don't be fooled by the BBB. They realy do try to help but any business that "responds" to complaints keeps their good rating.

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