K-FOUR TRAILER SALES & Pearson Truck Accessories - Poor & Rude service & Manager

Posted on Thursday, September 10th, 2009 at 2:04pm CDT by Kim H.

Product: Trailer Sales

Company: K-FOUR TRAILER SALES & Pearson Truck Accessories

Location: 1640 West State Street
Salina, KS, 67401, US

URL: http://k4trailersales.com/

Category: Other

I was in the market for a Trailer, and few weeks ago at "Diamond C Trailers" suggestion I visited K-Four Trailer Sales in Salina, Kansas. I looked at a 5' X 8' Diamond C Trailer For $1100.00 plus tax. Dwight Pearson visited with me about the trailer. While I was there I looked at the various parts and accessories they have in the showroom. I came back about a week later to look at the trailer again and to inquire about some "Optronics LED Trailer Lights". Dwight Pearson called the vendor to check prices and inquire if the lights were in stock. I Placed a order for a light and was told it would be in the following week Tuesday or Wednesday. So, I came in just before noon on Thursday to pick up the light. There were no customers in the store, but I still had to wait about 10 to 15 minutes while the counter person answered the phone, faxed some papers , and looked for my order. I was in no hurry, so during this time I just looked around the showroom. After I had been there about 15 minutes, Dwight came into the showroom from the back and ask me if I had been helped. I "politely" reminded him about the light He ordered for me 10 days ago . At this time he became very belligerent, started swearing, and told me to get-out! I was shocked and surprised, I couldn't believe a Owner/Operator of a business would go off like this with no reason? Needless to say I left. I had the impression there was something wrong with this person. The other employees of the store were even backing away and actually cowering down. I doubt they will be in business very long acting the way he did!

I will avoid this establishment like the plague.

I doubt I will ever buy a Diamond C Trailer as this is the only local place to have warranty repairs done.

The Business card he gave me has PJ Trailers, Diamond C Trailers & Haulmark on it.

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c2f04303, 2010-09-28, 10:13AM CDT

I know Dwight and his family personally and find it impossible to believe this. I think this is a person who, when things didn't go his way, felt the need to trash someone. Grow up!!!

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