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Posted on Tuesday, September 1st, 2009 at 1:46pm CDT by 6bc7e328

Product: Business model for web sales, DOMAIN hosting site

Company: PacificWebWorks or ProfitsToYouLearning

Location: unfortunately there is none and that should have been my first tip. not even sure of the business country. They are supposedly on MT.


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All calls are routed to India. Join for $1.97 for 7 days and then get charged $70.00 per month for them to give you knowledge in setting up a site to sell over the internet - whatever you want. I purchased a DOMAIN name for the website I was working on thinking that I would own the name no matter what. I cancelled the site because the tutorials were regarding an old technology (Frames) and jerky even though I have 8 megabit rates for internet. I could do this better on my own. BUT...They will not give your website DOMAIN back. You buy through them to host your site BUT you have to use their tools (for $70 a month) or you cannot use it. TERRIBLE CUSTUMER SERVICE. I WILL EAT THE $70.00 AND HOPEFULLY THEY WILL SEND THE INSTRUCTIONS TO TRANSFER MY DOMAIN TO GODADDY WHERE I MAY USE IT. IT WAS WITH BRINKSTER prior for $10.00 a year and now there are free DOMAIN Hosting sites. Obviously this is not one of them. Very cheesy took me hours to get through to someone who spoke English. Really rotten company DONT USE THIS! It is a trick. SOmeone called me on hte 31st and askeed me for my cvv2 code for back of card and then then would not tell me what for. I did not give it. WHAT A SCAM! And they are rude to boot gving every excuse in the world to keep you hanging on the phone and then they eventually hang up on you anyway. I just called my bank to stop the charge of $70.00 and tey will. Thank goodness. I probably did lose my DOMAIN name for two years though

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The site's full name after investaigation is:


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