Ashley Furniture - Zero Accountability, Abominable service

Posted on Tuesday, September 1st, 2009 at 11:38am CDT by 3ee73294

Product: Bedroom set / furniture delivery

Company: Ashley Furniture

Location: 1000 St James Street
Winnipeg, Ma, CA


Category: Other

What started as a simple order for a new bedroom set turned into a 4-month ordeal.

April 4(ish)

We visited the store and paid over a thousand dollars up-front (as is their policy for all purchases) for a 4-piece bedroom set.

We were told delivery could take three-to-four weeks. We were okay with that. We heard nothing from Ashley until May, when *we* finally called to check in. I was informed they were just waiting for the dresser. It was supposed to be in at any time.

a few days rolled by and I called again. I was told "yeah, it's ready for delivery. We don't have the dresser yet, but we should have it by the delivery date."

Beginning of June (if I remember right)

The bedframe (damaged) and nightstands were delivered, but no dresser. I was peeved and told the delivery boys as much. They grunted, alost in unison. I got the impression they're used to receiving complaints on deliveries.

The delivery boys wanted me to sign the paperwork so they could leave, but I made them stay until I was able to talk to customer service. The girl on the other end basically told me the dresser could take another month(but gave no guarantees). This made me pretty upset. I told her the bedframe was damaged and expected it to be fixed. "It may take up to 3 weeks to schedule a repairman."

One major problem in all this was that my wife was interviewing for a job in Calgary, half a country away. This job would have been starting on the first of July, or around there. I relayed all this to the girl on the phone, to which she responded "Well, if you move in the mean time, we can arrange for it to be delievered elsewhere." Great. In a moment of weakness, I became a bit sarcastic. I asked her if the dresser in question was the only one of its kind in all of Canada. She refrained from offering any answer.

I didn't have any faith in their delivery system, by this point. The most perturbing thing about it was that I'd already paid for this dresser and I didn't know whether I'd ever even see the stupid thing. Again, I relayed this message to the girl on the phone.

I'm not the kind of guy that looks for refunds. But, if something is not right, I DO expect an apology. I didn't get that from anyone I spoke to in any of our dealings with Ashley. Not a single 'sorry.' That's unacceptable. I've work in cust service, and I would have been written up if I'd given the same level of service I received that day.

I asked her where I could give feedback to the management. She pointed me to the website of Dufresne(sp?). I never did go there to provide feedback, mainly because I was so sick of dealing with the situation I didn't want to waste any more of my life on Ashley Furniture.

A repairman was scheduled and the delivery boys went on their way to deliver an incomplete order to the next sucker/customer, I suppose.

My wife was even angrier than I was after all this. She called the store directly and asked for the gentleman that earned the commission from the original sale. He claimed to be appalled by the situtation. Then he promised that it would certainly, without a doubt, come rain-or-shine be delivered on the time we were told by customer service. The conversation ended there.

The wife then called back and asked for a manager. The manager handled things a little bit better and actually told us there was no way to guarantee any delivery date until it was in the local warehouse.

The dresser did come at last, on the same day the repairman showed up. The bedframe was repaired and now the ding is barely noticable.

The same kids (I think) delivered the dresser. One of them said "I thought you were moving to calgary." I didn't appreciate the tone... there was sarcasm there, but not so much that I was going to call him on it. I probably should have, but I'm generally too easy-going with that kind of thing.

I lent them some tools to attach the mirror to the dresser... apparently, they don't carry their own.

My wife was walking home from her run about the time they were leaving and she says she overheard them making wisecracks about the whole calgary move thing.

That was the final straw, to me. If the wife hadn't stopped me, I would have called the store back, with several not so nice words to part with.

I will never do business with Ashley again.

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d1cb8547, 2010-06-23, 03:21PM CDT

I had an almost identical experience with Dufresne in Ontario. It appears this is how the business does business.

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