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Product: Diastar

Company: Rado Watch Co.

Location: CH

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Rado Watch Company

Switzerland 15 July, 2009

Dear Sir,

I purchased this Diastar watch years ago, and was completely happy with it.

Diastar 67-396.0067.3 s/n 3910966

Last year, I had the watch cleaned and adjusted. Within a week,

the crystal-retaining wedge on the face fell off and was lost.

I had the Jeweler return it to your Company for a part replacement, and was told

there were no replacement parts available, the model was out of production.

If you examine the watch, you will see that there is no indication that the watch face was constructed of parts that could fall off.

I believed the case was machined in one piece to retain the Crystal. I was unaware that the watch had metal parts that were apparently GLUED together.

I purchased this Rado watch, believing in the Quality, Prestige and Integrity

of the Rado Company.

I am returning the watch to you since I cannot wear it as it is, and is no use to me this way. I paid $ 1,400.00 for this watch and expected to receive the quality I paid for.

I dont really know what to expect from you in this matter, certainly you are not

legally obligated to do anything. At this point I am terribly disappointed in the quality of the Rado Diastar , and at least, expect to hear from you on this matter.

Thank you.

Albert Falk

8055 S. Spaulding

Chicago, Il 60652



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