The Sunglass House - Never received the product I ordered from The Sunglass House

Posted on Tuesday, September 1st, 2009 at 5:02pm CDT by aec35a1e

Product: Sunglasses/RayBan

Company: The Sunglass House

Location: US


Category: Other

I paid $100 for a pair of sunglasses. After 2 weeks, I haven't received anything. I tried to call them and left voice messages but they don't answer the phone. Same with emails... That's very frustating


ed1084e5, 2009-09-02, 09:25AM CDT

Next time try paying for your online purchase!!

235a5412, 2010-09-16, 09:02PM CDT

I ordered a pair of $205 sunglasses and after 15 days emailed them for a return number. They said the return time limit was ten days and they won't give me any refund because I'm 5 days past the limit. Not a good way to do business. This is a NYC based company and I've found in the past that a lot of companies out of NY are just as you'd expect..... shifty, sly and scoundrels. I can't believe they'd risk not getting any more business as well as me bad-mouthing the company over a measly five days past the deadline. And the were condescending, too, in their emails. I wouldn't do business with them.....

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