Can not cancel

Posted on Tuesday, September 1st, 2009 at 9:52am CDT by 2a550a4b

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Location: US

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I applied for a account for the free trial period. After a month I called their customer care to cancel it, the girl pleaded me not to cancel this month and cancel the account next month and I wont be charged any thing. Next time again the same story and I did not cancel.(the problem is I don't have much patience on weekdays to listen to their story and you can not call on a weekend to cancel the subscription )

Third time when I called them to cancel it was on my bill date.

After a lot of discussion with the customer Care rep they finally agreed to cancel my account without the 9.99 charges.

I just checked my mail and saw a charge Statement of $20 sent to my account.

Note: I paid through Bank of america's Shop Safe, which generates a credit card number for the amount and period u specify. That's why they were not able to charge me directly.


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